The short stuff

  • We started in 2006
  • We don’t sell volume, we sell ‘interesting’.
  • 3 people you might talk to – Ed, Melanie or Ross.
  • We do viewings by appointment only.
  • We sell vehicles from two locations – Leicestershire and North Devon.
  • We’ll sell your vehicle, we’ll buy your vehicle, and we offer sales on SOR.
  • We’re passionate, enthusiastic, interested and knowledgeable about what we do.
  • We love meeting the people, viewing their vehicles, and hearing the stories that they both have to tell..

A little more info...

Ed Gibson started the company in 2006. Ed is the MD and has 27yrs and counting in the motor industry. Roles have been far ranging from salesman to dealer principal, working abroad and in the UK for a variation of companies selling everything from American cars to Italian superbikes.

8 yrs spent running one of the countries largest motorcycle dealerships adds a different passion and knowledge to the companies make-up.

Ed still has ‘Fast Lane’ magazines in the loft….need we say more!

Our ethos

Selling cars in the motortrade is nearly always built around selling volume, ‘shifting metal’ to cover high running costs and to pay shareholders.

Not shmoo…

Overheads are kept low, we aim to only buy interesting vehicles that we like and have a good knowledge of.

We don’t put ourselves under any pressure to buy vehicles for the sake of it, we like having time to speak to the people we are buying from and selling to. We feel this attitude has helped us to establish a good customer relationship and repeat business, with clients as far afield as Australia. We have repeat customers who have become both suppliers to us in some cases and even friends over the years.

We hope that you find the website reflective of this view on the business we are in and that you to will become a customer of shmoo automotive.