Aston Martin/WAM DB3-S Replica

DB3-S Replica

Registration: 1955
Mileage: 11950
Colour: Aston Green
Location: Leicestershire


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Aston Martin/WAM DB3-S Replica of a 1955 car.

We’ve actually sold this car already…. for the third time!  (Sorry….)

Yep, three times in the last decade.  But, any excuse to pop some pics up again have to be taken advantage of don’t they?  It’s such a glorious thing, we wanted to share it again to our clients who’ve not seen it before. (It’ll be buried 20 pages back in our sold section somewhere).

Built by the late Bill Monk of WAM, and 1 of only 12 cars made by him, and not all of those survive.   So a fairly rare beast.

Grandstand are planning on making them again sometime in the future, but at north of £100k so I’m told, and anything up to £150k if an aluminium bodied car.

More details to follow…but enjoy the pics.  🙂

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