Ducati 916SP2 (with 996RS Corse conversion) £19,999.00

Ducati 916SP2 (955 clone with 996RS Corse conversion)
Huge, see main text.

Registration: 1995/M
Colour: Red
Location: Leicestershire


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Ducati 916SP2 (with 996 RS engine).

This bike belongs to a good pal, he’s owned it for getting on 20yrs.  Over the years he’s spent £33,000 on it.  It’s fitted with the 996 RS engine from Neil Hodgsons bike, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.  Yes, that Neil Hodgson…

He paid £5000 for the RS engine, all be it some years ago, the 955 conversion cost £3000.  The last engine rebuild, when it was stripped down to the last nut and bolt cost £7000, this was in 2007, the bike has had very little use afterwards, two track days from memory.

His motorcycling interests, age, weight (haha) and health means that he’s no longer a track man, more a ‘Mountain Passes’ man.  He still rides too fast, but now it’s with panniers attached, and the stops are for chocolate eclairs, rather than to change the slicks to wets.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve helped sell four of his older bikes, this and one other (Classic 1972 Yamaha YDS7) remain.

Eventually the plan is that he’ll be down to just the one, modern sports tourer. (Still a 180bhp KTM mind.   …..there’s a bit of life in the old dog yet.)


Overview of the History of his ownership….

Bought to be used on the road initially, but quickly became a track focussed bike.

03-11-03 – Bought with loads of carbon extras. 14k miles recorded.
2004 – 2005 – Serviced annually at – 2-4 Italia Ringwood – TPS issues running rich and rough.
16-06-05 – First remap at crescent motorcycles as running rich – no better.
13-07-05 – 955 build of race engine – 2–4 Italia.
23-08-05 – First service of new engine – 2-4 Italia.
15-10-05 – Woodruff Key issue – 2-4 Italia.
21-11-05 – Oil Leak (Litigation against 2-4 Italia) that resulted in….
07-12-05 – Full bike rebuild – Louigi Moto.
07-12-05 – Crankcases/Forks upgrade – Louigi Moto.
07-12-05 – 955 Blueprinted – Louigi Moto – G and A cam set up.
12-05-06 – 955 Service – Louigi Moto.
18-09-06 – 955 Rebuild after the crank broke – Louigi Moto.
18-09-06 – 955 Blueprint – CJS Performance and dyno G and A cam set up.
18-03-07 – 996 ex GSE JHP RS engine (Private cash sale). £5000…..
13-04-07 – Engine and ancillary parts (Exhausts part/ex etc) for RS.
13-04-07 – Labour and parts to rebuild and install RS engine – Louigi Moto.
05-06-07 – First service after first track day – Louigi Moto.
07-06-07 – Techtronic quick shifter.
10-07-07 – Moto Rapido Ultimap dyno and Eprom.
04-09-07 – RS Head Check and re-dyno – Lick Racing.
10-01-08 – Ohlins front and rear service K-Tech internals – Lick Racing.
18-09-08 – Sprag Clutch repair and oil change – Lick Racing.

*01-06-09 – Retired from track days at Donnington Park GP circuit day, not that he maybe didn’t know it at the time…  – (He bought Clio Cup Car from me, Ed at Shmoo Automotive – Hence the link back to Shmoo.)

The bike was short circuit geared for road use and shown at various motor club shows, the last one being Yeovil Showground 2011 for what was then his business.

2012 – The bike was domestically stored. Started regularly. Not used since.

Dec 2021 – New Bosch fuel pump – New Varta battery – New timing belts and plugs – Full checkover – Louigi Moto. – £930

Late March 2022 – Transported to Leicester.


An overview of the specs and additional parts fitted to the bike.

Ducati Performance Black Marchesini Magnesium Racing Alloy Wheels (Drys fitted) – Full blown circuit wheels, currently fitted.

Ducati Performance Brembo WSB Racing Billet Brakes (“Friction” racing pads)

Ducati Performance Brembo Radial Clutch Lever/cylinder

Ducati performance Brembo Radial Brake Lever/cylinder

Ducati Performance Ohlin’s steering damper

Ducati Performance Carbon Race Seat – 2000 WSB type no air intakes Technosel Seat Pad

Ducati Performance Carbon Air Trumpets

Ducati Performance Carbon Front Sprocket Cover

Ducati Performance Carbon Clutch Cover

Ducati Performance Carbon Hugger/Chain Cover

Ducati Performance Carbon Swing Arm cover

Ducati Performance Carbon Petrol Tank – (Not cheap…!)

Ducati Performance Carbon Number Plate Holder

Ducati Performance Full 60mm Termignoni exhaust system

Ducati Performance Race rear Disc with “Friction” brake pads

Ducati Performance Wavy fully floating front Discs with “Friction” brake pads

Ducati Corse 996RS Engine ex GSA #6 Hodgson (JHP)

Ducati Corse RS wasted valve stem race type

Ducati Corse RS Gas Flowed and Ported cylinder heads – matched intakes and volume matched

Ducati Corse RS Cams dialled in for longevity by CJS Performance Bristol

Ducati Corse RS lightened and balanced crank with starter ring installed

Ducati Corse RS SIGMA Slipper Clutch

Gold Nitrided Showa with WSB K Teck Internals (15 stone rider)

Ohlin’s rear shock revalved to SFB standard by White Cross Services (15 stone rider)

Louigi Moto Alloy “long-arm” swing arm and race suspension knuckle

Louigi Moto race suspension riser

Louigi Moto Alloy RS Breather Box

Dynojet Power Commander III Mapping Module, twin shower injectors (Green)

Racing Gel Battery – Varta – New.

Anderson Race Electrical Starter Booster cable

FBF Rear Sets

FBF Alloy Billet Fuel Cap

Viormiri RS Fairing Panels and Nose Cone (plastic crash resistant)

QB Carbon Front Mud Guard

QB Carbon Race Battery Tray

QB Carbon Oil Catch Pan Fairing

QB Carbon Large “Guppy” Air Intakes

QB Carbon Large Corse Air Box

QB Carbon Air Sides

Talon Quick detach Sprocket carrier.

Titanium nuts and bolts throughout including spindles and rear wheel nut.

Nice opportunity this one.

A bike that may be eligible for Classic Racing, which would make this machine quite something.

It’s a bike we’ve known for many years and one we’ve been trying to get on the market for a while.  Understandably it’s a wrench for the owner to let go of, as he’s invested a lot of time, effort and shillings into.  He had visions of using it again, but the reality is, this is a bike that needs to go to the next owner.

*The last time the bike was used on track, it had a daytime MOT, so in theory the bike could be used on the road again in a limited capacity, should this be of interest, or required by the next owner.

Feel free to give me a call for an initial chat, and I’ll gladly put you in touch with Jason, who know’s all the details of the ownership.

Ed – 07970 464360

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