Ducati 999 Biposto – Just 4700 miles

Ducati 999 Biposto
Just had full belt change service - low owners - low miles.

Registration: 2002/52
Mileage: 4700
Colour: Red
Location: Leicestershire

A rather lovely 2002/52 Ducati 999 Biposto.

With low owners, and low mileage, in mainly original condition.

The 999 is getting much more collectable, they are nearly 20yrs old (Yeah, where did that go…?).

This is a bike that has had just 3 owners, and really, it’s only 2 long term owners. Owner 3 bought the bike from Fowlers in December 2019 along with two other bikes. These were being bought to collect. Due to ill health, none of his bikes have turned a wheel since Dec 2019. So this bike has the same mileage now as it did when he bought it. 4700.

Fowlers sold it to him for £7,300, good on them I guess, but for some reason they didn’t change the belts and there is no paperwork with the bike to suggest they’ve been done since 2013, so we have undertaken this during our pre-sale service.

The bikes last real owner had it for around 10yrs, and we will be writing to him in the hope we can get more in-depth info, as it’s always great to get ‘the story’. However the bike does come with a history file with plenty of paperwork and invoices, including first service records etc etc.

The bike also has two keys, and all the service/warranty book, and manuals as per new.

We will be doing a valet and a set of better quality photos, plus a video that will appear on our website in the next few days.

In the meantime here are a few pics to give you a feel. Please feel free to give us a call for a friendly chat about the bike.

We feel the bike is priced very fairly and well prepped most importantly. We hope it ticks the box for you and it will become a cherished item in your garage.