MG Midget MK2 – 1275cc

MG Midget MK2

Registration: 1966
Mileage: 118000
Colour: Red
Location: Leicestershire

Deposit now taken……and SOLD.


MG Midget MK II – 1275cc (Upgraded from 1089cc around 30yrs ago).

Lovely little car. Taken as a px and priced well I feel in the market.

Historic resto during the last owners years with it (since 2006) and new floors, rear wings and inner arches sills etc were done at the time, with a sheath of photos showing the work being carried out.

History going back to 1990, when it had 38,000 miles on the clock showing, and now has 18,000, so I’m presuming 118,000 on the car as a total. But really, it’s rather irrelevant with the engine change etc. The main thing is, in my opinion is that the car is solid, and drives well without any smoke or issues. Recent new fuel tank as well.

MOT’s back to 1992 as well.

Front wings at the front as getting a bit bubbly lower down, but salvageable I think, and you don’t really notice it due to the colour.

I have a video that I’ll happily send to anyone interested, plus additional photos of the car as well as what’s on here.

Send me a message on 07970 464360 and I’ll send over.


Deposit now taken….and SOLD

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