Porsche UFO Type 64 – Tribute

Porsche UFO Type 64 - Tribute
Steel Bodied

Colour: Blue
Location: Turino


Porsche UFO Type 64 – Tribute – 1939

The car has been handmade by a Porsche enthusiast as tribute to the first car badged as PORSCHE.

As per 1939, this tribute car has a (brand new) VW engine. This one being a 1600cc and giving a little more performance than the original 40bhp unit fitted to an original. It also has a VW 4 speed gearbox and a VW chassis.

It is a steel bodied car, not GRP.

A great deal of attention has been given to details like the Veigel speedometer,  the big steering wheel that makes it the typical Type 64 driving position.

Th colour changes depending on the lighting.  The light blue colour of dashboard and the upholstery of seats is taken from the same type of the original Porsche.

The car is Italian registered as ‘Historic VW’.  The car is currently in Italy with our client.

We are selling this car for our client, please feel free to enquire for further information.

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