TVR Cerbera 4500cc Speed Six – MBE Upgrade – New Outriggers – SEE PICS :) £29,999.00

TVR Cerbera 4500cc Speed Six
Powers Performance 4.5 upgrade with MBE - Nitrons - A/C - Powers Warranty

Registration: 1999 T
Mileage: 43800
Colour: Red
Location: Staffordshire


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TVR Cerbera 4.5 Speed Six – July 1999/T Reg – 43,800 miles

Previously sold by us to the current owner, in Sept 2020.  Photos are from that period, please see more details below.

This car has a fairly rare and exotic power-plant fitted.   The 4.5 litre Super Sport Speed Six engine, designed and built by Powers Performance, it’s also fitted with an upgraded MBE ECU which improves the cars power delivery, running and set up.

As you will see from the scanned invoice in the ‘Engine’ section, this car had the engine upgrade work initially carried out in May 2018, approximately 2700 miles ago.

It has had over £21,000 spent on it at Powers Performance on the various upgrades.(Please read the attached invoices for a full breakdown).   On top of this there are invoices in the file covering another £15,000 (approx) spent over the course of the last 7yrs and 5000 miles on servicing and further improvements and upgrades.   Plus of course the cost of the car itself when it was purchased in December 2014.

Some of the other work carried out within the last 5000 miles includes:

  • Steering Rack refurbished
  • Full Geo
  • HID Headlamps
  • New Alarm
  • New Starter (Uprated)
  • Clutch Master Cylinder
  • De-Cat Pipes
  • New Clutch x2
  • New NTR1 Nitrons
  • Drilled Discs
  • New Tyres
  • New Outriggers fitted by Shmoo Automotive Ltd in late summer 2020.

Serviced by Calvin at Wilton Morgan in April 2019 at 42,345 miles.  We have also just serviced and checked the car over the car on 20/08/20 at 42,731 miles. It had various additional jobs carried out during the service, including a new header tank and new front discs.

History since we sold it in Sept 2020:

The current owner has covered around 1,100 miles.  The car has been serviced at Powers Performance twice during that period.  A 6000 mile service pre-season in 2021, and a 12k service in November 2021 at 47,747 miles.

The car was fitted with brand new set of Yokohama A052’s and had the wheels refurbished just a few hundred miles ago.

Engine Work:

In September last year the engine developed a problem and it went back to Powers Performance for an investigation and remedial work.  The upshot of that means work was carried out on the engine under warranty,  and it also had the 12k service mentioned above.  The car has been driven home by the current owner, and it will now require the running in period to be carried out.   This will not be done by the owner, as he has decided to sell.

Please Note: We are advertising the on behalf of the owner, and as such you will be buying the car direct from him.  This is to comply with the terms stipulated on the remaining engine warranty.   That runs until the 5th anniversary of the original engine rebuild, which is to the 25th April 2023.   Please contact Powers Performance direct for details of the stipulations with regards to this warranty.

Photos & Videos – The photos you’ll see on the advert are the ones we took in summer 2020, the car has done 1,100 miles since then, and had new tyres and wheel refurbs carried out.   The car is currently with the owner, parked in his garage in Stafford.

Plus please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this car in general, or arrange to see it.  You can contact me direct on 07970 464360, or email me at

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The interior, like most Cerberas of this era is showing some wear to the front faces of the seats and centre armrest area.   Nothing that could not be improved upon fairly easily.

The carpets are in good condition and show minimal fade.


Stunning engine bay, to be expected, but the painted areas also remains virtually blemish free and the heat matting on the underside of the bonnet is in great order.

There are detailed photos and copies of the invoices covering the £21,000+ spend recently at Powers Performance in this section.


New outriggers fitted 1,100 miles ago.

Video - Bright Sun

Video - Shaded area

Engine Bay

Chassis Video