TVR Chimaera 400 PAS

TVR Chimaera 400 PAS
Low mileage - Outriggers Done - Dave The Trimmer interior and Hood - Clive Ford Manifold and Y-Piece

Registration: 1998/S
Mileage: 21200
Colour: Zircon Silver
Location: Leicestershire

Deposit Taken, and now SOLD and living with Atle in Norway!

TVR Chimaera 400 – PAS – 1998/S – 21,200 miles.

A rather desirable example of the TVR Chimaera 400, which has the been the subject of a great deal of expense over very few miles.

A well known car in certain TVR circles, we sold it to the current owner in 2019.   We’re very pleased to have it back, as last year it sold before we’d had time to present the car on the website.   We hope you enjoy the pics and video, and that it might be a car for you.


A car we sold last November on behalf of a fairly long term owner, just under 5yrs.  It was part of a small TVR collection of 5 cars, and vast amounts of money have been spent on it, but very little use. Approx 500 miles in fact.  The owner prior to that had the car 12yrs, and when he bought it, 13,000 miles were recorded.  The chap prior to that only had the car a year and actually used it, acquiring the car in May 2002 when it had 6,800 miles on the clock.    Interestingly, it has actually spent most of its life in Leicestershire, and we have the addresses for the owners in Leicester going back to 2001.  So, we’ve written to them all in the hope we might get a bit of info back for the next owner.  Worth the cost of 3 stamps on the off chance…..

In recent times the car has been looked after by Calvin Morgan of Wilton Morgan and Warren at Topcats TVR.


The low mileage does rather make this car stand out from the crowd.  However what really makes it is the Dave-the-Trimmer interior.  We don’t have an invoice in the file for this, but based on previous ones we’ve seen, it would run to at least £6000 as the carpets, hood, dash have all been done.   It does look beautiful and makes the car something quite special.  Plus the addition of the Leven stalks, dash trim, gearstick and handbrake cover.

We think the seats are heated, but they are currently disconnected.

In the engine bay you’ll see that the car has upgraded manifolds and Y-piece from Clive Ford. (We believe…) Plus various other ACT upgrades and a brand new Powers Performance Aluminium rad.

Underneath, the car has had RT Racing fitted outriggers that were done in July 2015, but only 500 miles ago at most.


Service History:

  • PDi – 10/09/98 – Newtown Motors TVR Cwmbran – 19 miles
  • First Service – 11/11/98 – Newtown Motors TVR Cwmbran – 1,420 miles
  • Service – 29/05/02 – Park Lane Garage Leicester – 6,812 miles (There is an invoice in the file from 25/08/00 at 5,523 miles from Newtown for a new battery)
  • Service – 12/08/03 – Park Lane Garage Leicester – 13,000 miles
  • Service – 01/08/05 – Weavers Garage Leicester – 16,148 miles
  • Service – 02/08/06 – Weavers Garage Leicester – 18,547 miles
  • Service – 28/04/15 – Tony Gilbert Cars Ltd – 20,694 miles
  • Service – 15/06/16 –  Topcats TVR – 20,865 miles
  • Service – 15/06/17 – Topcats TVR – 20,875 miles (The car was in long-term storage while the owner was in Australia)
  • Checkover before sale and Oil & Filter change in November 2019 at 21,000 miles. – Shmoo Automotive Ltd
  • Extensive work over and above servicing carried out at Topcats and Wilton Morgan during the period after 2015 purchase.
  • Checkover and Oil & Filter service – 21,200 miles – Nov 2020.
  • The car did have a clock change in the summer of 2012, but only covered 283 miles on that speedo before it was recalibrated to record the correct overall mileage. (See MOT records).


The cars not perfect, it has had some paint during the last 22yrs.   There are some pics showing the main marks, and a video walk-around.  At some point we think the passenger door must have caught the sill due to poor adjustment, and one of those ‘local’ repair jobs was carried out to paint over it, and it’s now flaking off.  It’s not awful, but could do with a blow-in by someone more capable.   As we are selling this for the owner, we’ve not undertaken this work, but do wish to point it out.  Please come and view the car, and we can discuss options.

Please feel free to call or email if you’d like to discuss the car further. or 07970 464360

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Video Walkaround

Video - Engine Bay