TVR Chimaera 500 PAS – V8 Developments Rebuild

TVR Chimaera 500 PAS
Huge...see main text.

Registration: 1996 N
Mileage: 52000
Colour: Starmist Chianti
Location: Leicestershire

Now SOLD… Sorry you missed it 🙁

1996/N Chimaera 500 PAS, Starmist Chianti, 52,000 Miles (Half Facelifted car)


Well, we have a nice little “Wolf in sheeps clothing” here for you chaps….and it’s a really great opportunity to grab a car that’s had plenty of money spent on it, to make it one of the best mechanically prepped Chims out there in this price bracket.   Imagine buying a basket case car, and how much you’d have to spend to get it to this point!? …..and then call me before someone else does.




This is a car we sold to the current owner some 2yrs ago. We took it as a px on a Tuscan and sold it in a flash for £15,000 as a car that was ‘mechanically excellent, but had a few paint scars to deal with’.


The car at the time (32,000 on the clock, but you need to add 10,700 to that because of…you guessed it, a clock change.) had just had a V8 Developments engine rebuild in late November 2017. This included top hat liners, Stealth cam, high rev followers, adjustable pushrods, new pistons, heavy duty bearings, cross bolted, 72mm plenum, full internal balance and more…. Not cheap.




…in the last two years, the current owner James has had to decide where he wanted to spend his money. He did talk to us about possibly getting the car fully repainted to deal with the marks around the body, but in the end he had to ask himself why he’d bought the car, was it to love driving it, or to make it look like new?     So, the paintwork was touched up (and let’s be fair, from 5ft away, it looks great). And he set about spending some £8500 on additional improvements to the mechanicals, and we think he made the right choice.


The car is now set up beautifully and you’d struggle to really fault it, other than for the paintwork marks and a stain on the carpet behind the seats.   We could live with them all, but you can decide for yourself if you look at the video walkaround, or pop over to see the car in the flesh.


The chassis is in good order, and more photos and video of this will follow later this week.


Some of the £8500 spend, over and above engine rebuild listed below.


Full engine build in Nov 2017 at 42k miles by V8 Developments with top hat liners, Stealth cam, high rev followers, adjustable pushrods, new pistons, heavy duty bearings, cross bolted, 72mm plenum, full internal balance and more….
Powers upgraded engine mounts
New discs all round with braided hoses
Stainless coolant piped
Upgraded power steering hoses
New Bilsteins and Eibach from Ben Lang (Upgraded Tuscan S setting).
Upgraded rear drop links
Toyo Proxes all round (Rears getting a little thin)
Geo set up.
Diff bush replaced
Fuel pump
Clive Ford manifolds with ACT cherry bombs (Standard Cat Y-piece)
ACT smooth bore induction
Powers silicon hoses with stainless pipes
New radiator
New heater fan and control valve
New starter motor
Powers ignition leads
329bhp Remapped by Joolz at Kit & Classics
Clear indicators
Full Leven switches including alloy fan switch
2 Keys and new fobs with remote boot release
Gold badges – refurbed
Original chassis in very good condition as shown in photos: to follow.
12k service at Str8six in 2019
6k service at Topcats in 2020



The car has had 4 previous owners and has a nice thick history file detailing all the work back to 2017, and then a TVR service history book covering the car from new to 2001 and 22,000 miles. There is a gap in the history from 2001 to 2017. We were told back in 2018, that the car was unused and in a heated storage facility. This where it picked up some of the paintwork marks, and would explain why the underside is such good condition.


The previous owner bought the car and set about getting the car back up and running, including the engine rebuild and new brakes etc.   He’s only had the car a year when he saw a Tuscan we were selling, and his words “The wife would not be happy with a 7th car’ px’ed it in to us.

It’s a MK 1 Chim, but is one of those cross-over cars that has a Serp engine, T5 box and PAS, all the important bits then.


This car is a beast, and we think for £15,999, it represents excellent value.


Call Ed for more details on 07970 464360, or drop an email to him at


More info



Engine Bay

Exterior VIDEO

Paintwork Blemishes

Some of, not all of the marks.

Interior Video

Engine Bay - Video

Exhaust note - Video