TVR Sagaris 4.0 A/C

TVR Sagaris 4.0 A/C
Just 2 owners.... - New Chassis

Registration: 2005/55
Mileage: 37000
Colour: Silver with dark green interior...
Location: Leicestershire

SOLD – May ’22

TVR Sagaris 4.0 A/C – 2005/55 – 37,000 miles – 2 owners.

Brand new chassis.

The first owner until August 2018, and then 2,500 miles with the second owner.

FTVRSH, bar one, which was in 2018 at Specialist Cars of Malton.  Other than that, the car has been under the care of Selby TVR since 2010, and prior to that Drivestyle Horseless Carriages/Williams of Harrogate.

In 2018 the car, and less than 1,000 miles ago, the car had  a new AP Racing Clutch kit and Slave kit.

The car is showing 29,000 on the clocks, but they were subject to a warranty issue in ’07/’08, as many were.  We have invoices going back to January 2012, and we’ve also spoken to the first owner to confirm the clock change, and to get more of the story of his time with the car, and the car in general, as he owed it for the majority of its life and mileage.

Cosmetically as you’ll see from the images and video, the car is lovely.

Condition and work undertaken by Shmoo Automotive Ltd.

We were asked to sell the car for the previous owner in June 2021.  This, as always was on the proviso that the car was prepped to a set Shmoo Automotive standard and to be representative of a TVR of this value.

The car was due a 12,000 mile service and valve clearance check.  It was during this service that we found there to be a longer list of prep required.  In the main, nothing that we would not potentially expect to see.  These cars are getting older now, and ‘servicing’ alone is not sufficient to keep on top of them.   However we were not happy with certain areas of the chassis.  The cars first owner lived nearer the coast, and we think that this coupled with insufficient protection over the years resulted in a few questionable areas.   The chassis could have been repaired easily enough, and this is the route that most people would have gone with the car, but we as always worry that a few years down the line, this might leave the wrong impression of Shmoo Automotive Ltd.

So, it t was decided that the best route to go with the car was a full strip down and the fitment of a brand new chassis. An undertaking not taken lightly, due to cost and time involved.  However, in our opinion it was the logical way to take the car, and to make it as it should be.

The chassis was ordered last summer… and was surprisingly 1 of 4 Sagaris chassis on order with Adrian at RT Racing/Central at the time.  We eventually received the chassis in early December and Phil, our skilled TVR Tech set about the task.

The results are as you can see in the underside photos, and what a beautiful sight it is to behold.   The additional prep, listed below, sets out where the car now sits in terms of condition and prep within the current Sagaris market.

Work undertaken….

Brand New Sagaris chassis from RT Racing.
Chassis swap.

Replacement of…
Fitment of new half-time bearing & Jack shaft seal.
Front diff brackets
New Brake hoses
PAS Bracket
New PAS Pump
Front upper ball joint x2
Front lower ball joint x2
Exhaust mounts x2
Exhaust rubber x2
Exhaust mount plate x2
Engine mounts x2
Exhaust clamps x4
Front ARB drop links x2
Steering shaft bearing
Drag strut bush x2
Track rod ends x2
New Fuel hose
Wishbone bolt kit
Thrust washers x 20
Wishbone bushes front
Rear anti roll bar brackets x2
Rear ARB bush & washer kit
ARB rose joint x2
Rear wishbone adjuster x2
Adjuster lock nut x2
Bush D0104 – x4
Rear lower wbone bush x4
Service Kit – Plugs/Oil/Air Filter (Yes, it was serviced again).
Engine oil 10/40 11 litres
Gearbox oil/PAS fluid/Brake Fluid/Diff Oil.
5th gear synchro repair.
Half time bearing kit.
Brake caliper bolts x4
Powder coating of wishbones & anti roll bars.
Clutch release bearing.
Cat clamp.
Oil cooler rubber mount x2
Heat shielding.
Rear fuel tank bracket.
New Front springs.
New Varta battery.
Engine oil seal – Jack Shaft.
12mths MOT.
A/C regas.
Fibreglass repair to front splitter.
Reverse lamp switch.
Rear brake pads.
PAS hose kit.
Rear brake calliper slide boot.
38mm PAS U clamp.
Front diff bushes.
Rear diff bushes.
Steering rack gaiters.
Exhaust U clamp.

A bit of a long list, but we think it’s the best way to cover the work that’s been done.

This really is now a very well sorted car, and something the next owner will know is set up and ready to be used.

Feel free to call for a chat, and or arrange a viewing with Ed on 07970 464360.


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