Qui moi? Fournir des TVR en France? Aucun probleme….. :)

Mike Isles
South West France
Qui moi?  Fournir des TVR en France? Aucun probleme….. :)


I have a passion for various marques of sports cars. Amongst other cars, I own 4 TVR’s. Therefore, I have a lot of experience in sourcing cars and also I have a lot of experience of the various dealers who operate in the UK. Some of my experiences have been good and others not so good. However, when I was looking to get a 5th TVR, a TVR Tamora, I saw an example which Ed was selling. Incidentally, I also run a TVR car forum and so many of my friends have used Shmoo Automotive previously and spoke very highly of Ed. 

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that my experience of doing business with Shmoo Automotive in the purchase of a viper blue TVR Tamora was one of the most professional services I have ever experienced from a dealer. Ed was exemplary, honest and took a pride in his professionalism which I greatly appreciated. 
In summary, Ed always goes the extra mile with any car sale. However, he also hi-lights any imperfections so as to not waste his own time or that of his clients. Ed is one of a dying breed within the automotive industry who follows a practice of decency, transparency and trustworthiness. Given that I live in South West France this aspect is very important to me. Furthermore, Ed’s car preparation is second to none. Ed is a market leader and a man who can be trusted. With this in mind I plan to use Shmoo Automotive again in the future. 
I would have absolutely no hesitation in the slightest in fully endorsing and recommending Ed at Shmoo Automotive.”

Michael Isles
South West France

The plate, meant it was fate…..

Alan Cooper
The plate, meant it was fate…..

I had been on the look out for a nice TVR Griffith 500.


I was lucky enough to spot a ‘Due in’ advert with Shmoo Automotive Ltd for a rather interesting looking, low mileage Griff.  This was back in Oct 2020.


I called and spoke with Ed Gibson, he runs the company and he was happy to give me a good degree of time on the phone, and then make an appointment for me to view the TVR as soon as it came in.   True to his word, I actually saw it about 15 minutes after it had been dropped off, so I was pleased that I really was the first guy to get to look at it.


Obviously nothing had been done to the car, so when I arrived Ed was very helpful and explained all the points to check on this particular TVR model.


Ed put it up on the lift so I could have a good look underneath, and we could discuss all the pros and cons. The car had only covered just over 26,000 miles, so it was in good condition


There were a few jobs that needing attention. Ed said he would rectify these faults when the car had a full inspection and valet.


The Griffith was in Olympic Pearl blue, one of the colours I liked.  I was interested in this car, it really was just what I wanted….. even the reg plate had my initials on it. I think it was fate….


So we agreed a price. All the faults were indeed put right, and to a high standard.  This included, a strip down to replace the Valley gasket, Rocker cover gaskets, even a new water pump, just because they were in there. It also including a brand new set, and very difficult to find, original spec TVR tyres.

There was a crack in the gel coat on the front of the car, Ed had that repaired and painted correctly, with an excellent colour match.


Ed kept me informed during all of the work, with video recordings of all the jobs being carried out, photos and emails etc. I was very pleased with service Ed gave me, so in my view if you are after a particular car, then you could not do better than give Ed a call at Shmoo Automotive. Happy hunting.  Alan.

11yrs, 3 sales, everyone’s happy. :)

Mack Scullion
Northern Ireland
11yrs, 3 sales, everyone’s happy.  :)

Aston DB3-S Recreation.

I contacted Ed two years ago regarding this car, which I came across on the internet.  In a good humoured conversation, he told me the car was sold some 6yrs previously.  But, as he’d already sold it twice before, he said if it came up on the market again, he would let me know.  Time passed and I happened to revisit the story.   Ed this time was up the side of mountain on his KTM.  However this January (2021), Ed found there was an appetite for a sale from the custodian.

Ed kindly walked me and the seller through an emotional path to a point where I eventually became the new owner, and delighted I am with my purchase . My 5yr old granddaughter proudly sits shotgun as often as the weather permits in Northern Ireland . I enjoyed my experience, good luck with yours.



A V8 Party like 1999….

Matt Collings
A V8 Party like 1999….


“Earlier this Spring I bought my first TVR from Shmoo Automotive Ltd, and what a great decision that was.


I had done plenty of research and narrowed down my search to either a Chimaera or Griffith, but despite knowing to look for the key foibles, having only ever driven one of these briefly (a Chimaera 450 some 12 months prior) I still considered myself a complete TVR novice.


I spoke to Ed Gibson about a Chimaera in stock, a 1999 Chimaera 500 in gorgeous Purple Paradise.  There does not seem to be much Ed doesn’t know about these cars, and he was able to honestly guide me through the Chimaera’s strengths and weaknesses. Following our call Ed sent me multiple videos of the car, covering just about every square inch of it, including the body work, interior, engine bay, and most importantly the underside of the car on ramp with particular scrutiny on the chassis components, outriggers and suspension.


You might think that buying a 22 year old TVR is a purchase done with your heart and not your head, but the truth couldn’t be more different. Thanks to Ed’s informative and comprehensive videos, It was clear to me that the car was a great example and the usual weak points had all been addressed properly, and I paid a deposit a few days later.


Perhaps the most impressive part of the experience was Ed’s attention to detail in the preparation of the car, which included regular updates including videos of the car being prepared and made ready. As I was not able to see Ed in person for a physical handover due to Covid, he sent me videos and emailed me with a number of tips and guides to getting the best out of the car going forward. These updates continued until the car was loaded on the transporter, and two hours and 150 miles later it was mine! (Great transport price as well….).   His help and support have continued after purchase, and I’ve been able to call or message Ed for a chat on several occasions.


I would definitely buy another car from Shmoo and in particular it is refreshing to deal with someone who is undeniably a petrol head at heart. One look at the stocklist, and his SOLD section tells you everything you need to know; quite simply, they don’t sell rubbish.


And for anybody considering first time TVR ownership, I would say given they are a dying breed, and all TVR models seem to be appreciating now, there has never been a better time to do so.”

Retro S Adventures

Andy Spencer
TVR V8S - www.shmooautomotive.co.uk Retro S Adventures


I’d made my decision. Well, partly anyway!

It was time to take the long awaited plunge into TVR ownership.

I’d had my 3 litre BMW Z3 for 6 years, but was missing the raw thrills having had kit cars before. It was just too refined. This time it just had to have more cylinders!

It was November 2018. I’d been scanning the various websites and had spent far too much time looking at a couple of cars that Shmoo had advertised. One Saturday morning I had an hour to spare and dropped a text to Ed to ask if he happened to be in the unit in the Midlands. An instant response inviting me for a chat and a look at the available machines there and then had me reaching for the car keys at lightening speed and taking the short journey to Earl Shilton.

The hour or so with Ed proved incredibly fruitful. Despite being at an early stage, he offered unrestricted time, friendly advice and wisdom with zero pressure to make any decisions. What struck me immediately was the quality of the cars on offer. Each one is individually assessed and subject to a program of not just remedial but also preventative work to ensure the new ownership experience for the buyer is top notch.

Ed even spent time advising me on how to sell the Z3, spoke to trade contacts about current trade in, private and retail values, passed them on to me, again with no pressure to proceed.

As a result the Z3 sold quickly and for very fair value privately through the owners club. Following that, a few other TVR’s were viewed elsewhere but nothing really stood out, until I found a V8S advertised elsewhere. A quick view confirmed this was the TVR variant for me – I liked the rarity, retro looks and pre cat noise!! I lost out on that one through lack of quick decision making.

So I made a call back into Ed to help me search for one. Good ones are pretty rare, with 420 made and considerably less still on the road. I wasn’t after a project car, more a reasonably well sorted one. Then there was the budget. Hmm…this might take a while!!

Then we appeared to theoretically strike gold. A well-known Monza Red V8S came up, and with 49k miles and a spotless restored chassis looked great. The downside? It was in Taunton! Plus I was very short on spare time. No problem said Ed, I’ll speak to my colleague Ross and see if he and the Shmoo Tech, Phil, could go and give it a good inspection. Another lightening response from Shmoo – this time Ross – had the car inspected by him and Phil within a few days and a comprehensive report followed. Basically an outstanding car that could do with a few bits of mechanical work to bring up to top standard.

This knowledge along with unlimited further advice and conversation with Ross allowed me to decide on a programme of work I’d like to do, so we could negotiate a sensible end deal for the car. Not long after, I viewed it, a deal was struck and Shmoo started the agreed work programme. I received daily updates on progress, one small hitch with a non matching part (not Shmoo’s fault) was dealt with rapidly and then the car was ready!

Shmoo even organised delivery to the Midlands for a very fair fee, and kept me posted at every stage, along with being flexible about when I was available to take delivery.

I’m now the proud custodian of a very nice 1992 V8S with a number of preventative jobs having been completed.

Two things stand out for me when dealing with Shmoo. Firstly, the guys are enthusiasts and have fantastic knowledge of the marque and are happy to impart all that to help you make the right decision, even if ultimately you don’t buy from them. Secondly, the attention to detail and their standards of preparation are outstanding. When you view one of their cars, they are so honest they will walk you round any minor imperfections before describing all the good points and work done!!

All in all it’s been a great experience dealing with Shmoo and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys as a trusted source of very well sorted cars.

Any colour you like, as long as it’s red….

Any colour you like, as long as it’s red….

I Have been a Porsche enthusiast for 40 years and have recently purchased my 10th from Ed at Shmoo Automotive.

I had a 997 version of the 911 and had spent some time looking for a really nice 991.
I came across the Shmoo website almost by accident and was delighted to see advertised just what I wanted, a low milage 991 in Guards red with a long Porsche warranty that Ed was brokering for a client.
After an initial phone call I soon found Ed to be friendly and efficient, he was on holiday in the Canaries but it wasn’t too much trouble for him to send me the specification and some additional photographs to keep me happy while I awaited his return.

Although not an approved Porsche dealer he soon had my confidence to deal with him, there are not many people as helpful as Ed.
I paid a deposit and set off to view the car. It was presented immaculately and I was confident enough to buy the car there and then, he even had a buyer for my 997 almost immediately. – Also guards red..  🙂

I am absolutely delighted with the car although I am unable drive it at the moment due to this Covid 19 nightmare. (Written in 2020)
I am very pleased to recommend Ed and Shmoo Automotive, you will not find a more genuine person who knows his cars and presents them with great attention to detail and care.

Thanks again Ed.

Best Wishes


So much better than peddling….

Mark Batho
TVR Chimaera 450 PAS - Shmoo Automotive Ltd So much better than peddling….

So much better than peddling….


Whilst out cycling with a mate about a year ago, he randomly said “I would have thought you’d have a sports car by now?”. Little did he know I’d been thinking about it for a while….


This same mate many years ago had owned a TVR Chimaera, and whilst on the ride we started to talk about his experiences of owning one. (All good ones I’m led to believe).


I had kind of forgotten about TVR, as my focus had always on a Westfield, if I was ever to get a ‘toy’. But after speaking to him and other friends, and reading up on TVR, I started to get swayed, as you do… So the search began.


This is when I came across Shmoo Automotive in Leicestershire.

They had two Chimaera for sale. One blue 400, and one green 450. Initially the blue one caught my eye, so I called and spoke to Ed, he explained that the blue one was at the other address down in Devon. This was being dealt with by his young Padawan, Ross.   (Edited by Ed to annoy Ross).

Straight off the bat my dealings with Shmoo were great. Friendly guys and not pushy or doing the big sell, just clearly enjoying what they do.   So, Ross called me to introduce himself and tell me more about the options, and he was great. Really knowledgeable, and honest about the car.


Unfortunately the blue 400 was no longer for sale, but the green was still on the cards, and just happened to be with Ross having some prep work carried out, before returning back to Leicester.   Ed would be getting some paintwork done, and then selling it from there.    Somewhat closer to me in the long run.


So I gave Ed a call, and again a great response. He gave me a full rundown of its history and the work they were going to do prep wise, and the general plans on paint. You could tell both are passionate about what they do, and it was just enjoyable dealing with them.


The car was one they had sold before to a chap called Caspar, and although the old pics were on the website, and many other pics were sent over to me on WhatsApp, we all agreed it was best I saw the car, so that I had a better idea of the current cosmetic condition. (The testimonial by Caspar is also on their website, which I also found helpful).


So a day trip to Devon was planned. I took a friend who was an ex-car/motorcycle salesman along for some help. He’s also into his classics, so I knew he’d stop me doing something silly….


It was a 5am roll out in early morning sun. Great! We arrive in Devon in the rain….no chance of a test-drive with the roof off then.


On meeting Ross, straight away you felt at ease. There was no pushy salesman stuff going on and you could tell he’s just a fan of TVR’s (and others). With being a newbie to the Chimaera he went through everything about the car, the history, and the different derivatives. We even got fed some homemade cake! Oh, …and the surrounding was stunning.


So two hours later and one wet test-drive, and many questions asked and answered, I came away with a grin on my face. I asked my mate what he thought, and he said he couldn’t find a reason not to buy it.


The car needed some cosmetic work doing to it so I said to Ross I’d not fully commit to buying it until I knew what was going to be done. This was not an issue to them at all.


I spoke to Ed the following week and we arranged to meet up at a body shop he uses in Leicester. All the time he was keeping me updated with the work being carried out on the car whilst still in Devon so I knew what was happening.


A couple of weeks later I met up with Ed, and Harry (..his paint man at Colourkit Paint Systems)… and the car. We discussed what was going to be done to get it to the Shmoo standard. I was very impressed. So impressed that I 100% committed to buying the car. Then paying a little extra and having a full respray, that Ed managed to get sorted for me at a slightly more attractive price.


Cue the many picture and video updates as it went through the process from Ed. Brilliant! I didn’t expect this. From the September to the pick up in early November, I had photos and walk-around videos of every stage of the paint process, it was reassuring and also fascinating to see how the car changed and took shape over the weeks.   (A big shout out to Harry at Colourkit, Harry has been doing paintwork for Ed for 30yrs, and clearly they have an understanding when it comes to the quality of work Ed requires, so much so that it’s made most of Harry’s hair fall out, poor guy).


After many weekly updates and a few TVR niggles sorted out, I got the call to say it was ready to collect…..EXCITED!!!


So on the day before a dreaded second lockdown I was back in Leicester. The car looked AMAZING, and the detail in which Ed had put into the prep was something else.

He left me with very little fettling to play around at. He’d spent a day cleaning the engine bay, so this was spotless. The interior had been scrubbed and G101’ed, and looked top notch. I knew both were in need of some tlc and cleaning, and I’d fully expected to have to do the engine bay myself if I’m honest.


The wheels had been taken off and cleaned and polished on the inner faces, the chassis outriggers and wishbones, that were fitted by Shmoo a few years back for Caspar, were cleaned off and touched up again.  It looked even better than I could have hoped for.

So after a detailed handover, Ed drove it to a petrol station, just to make sure it was running as it should. A final few photos and a video walk round when back at his unit (these are on their website if you need proof of how good it looks) and I was on my way… with a big, big grin!


All I can say, from after making first contact with these guys, Ed and Ross were faultless and professional and a total pleasure to deal with. Months after I can still call on them for any help or questions.


Keep it up Shmoo. Brilliant, I’m a happy guy, and still seem to have that big grin…




Helped to build the dream collection.

Helped to build the dream collection.
“Trustworthy car specialists were to me, a near extinct breed. Understandably many car professionals (like the rest of us) need to make a living, but it’s very rare indeed to encounter one who will talk you out of a deal that he knows / believes is bad for you and deprive himself of a commission. This is the nature of someone trustworthy who is in the business for the long haul and who knows that if they have your back now, then you’ll likely use them again.
Ed sold me a TVR Tuscan in 2018. He was brutally honest about any flaws in the car, which were few. I have subsequently used Ed at Shmoo Automotive Ltd to source the following cars for me and his work has been top-drawer. Cars I had myself found, he confirmed they were great or found far better ones often, for better prices and he took the time to understand all the specs and shortcomings of models he was hitherto unfamiliar with:
TVR Tuscan 2002, excellent condition
Lister Le mans, 7 litre, twin supercharged, mint condition – He found the best one there is, full stop.
Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II, near mint.
TVR Tuscan, 2000, 7k miles from new, near mint, then undertook all the prep work at cost spending many hours making sure it was spot on.
Aston Martin Virage 6.3 WideBody – a less than perfect but lovely car, now restored, and another cheaper one, negotiated down to a cheap as chips price for me, now mothballed for long-term investment.
Alfa GT Sprint 1967 – Concourse.
Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans II
Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans II Cafe racer
Ducati 996R
Ducati 1199R – Like new with £8000 of factory/dealer extras.
Norton F1 Rotary. – A bike that would be hard to replicate and one that I have wanted for many years.
Ducati 999 – A future classic.
Ed has also sold for me…
Porsche 991 Turbo S
TVR Tuscan 2002
E-Type Jaguar, Mk III, V12, 1973
Alfa Romeo GT Sprint
“Top man. Gets things done. Detail oriented – obsessively so. Relentless. He delivers.”

By Royal Appointment….

Simon Strickland
By Royal Appointment….

Buying a TVR is always going to be a Heart over Head experience…..or is it?

I had been looking for the perfect MK1 Tuscan S for a number of months and having viewed too many cars to remember, all of which were nice but lacked the wow factor, I struck lucky with a call into Shmoo Automotive.

Without any prompting, they immediately replayed the challenges I was faced with – body work was tired, bad colour schemes, heavily customised, mechanically questionable, interior looking very sad, chassis needs significant work etc etc etc. But supplemented by their confidence that great Tuscan’s did exist and I wasn’t chasing a dream.

Throughout several conversations with both Ed and Ross, their knowledge and passion for cars was clear, as was their genuine willingness to help regardless of where I was buying from, this was incredibly refreshing.

Within the week I was talking to Ed again about a car that he was just in the process of collecting and that he felt fitted the bill. Emails, photos and videos were exchanged frequently. It was looking good and my excitement was building. (You all know what it’s like once that potentially perfect car comes up, it does rather take over one’s thoughts……) J

The car in question was a stunning and completely original one owner MK1 S in the most spectacular unmarked Ferrari Azzuro Hyperion pearl.

A full engine rebuild with the Powers 5 year engine warranty was already booked and with it the opportunity at this early stage to include all of the must do things and upgrades whilst the engine was out…more of which in a moment.

What else could you possibly ask for I hear you say? And the answer was nothing – except for the fact that this beautiful car was generating a lot of interest from other would be buyers and I needed to move fast, but with work and travel commitments I wasn’t going to be able to view the car quickly. However, Ed sent me plenty of videos and photos of the car, both the good and the areas that proved it wasn’t a brand new car. These included chassis and suspension videos ….

So, I did what any other right minded TVR buyer would do and brought it blind without seeing it in the flesh.

Whilst it sounds inconceivable, the relationship that I’d developed with Ed throughout the process gave me more confidence in buying this car than any other before it. His professionalism, passion, honesty and relentless attention to detail left me in no doubt at any stage that this car would be anything short of perfect. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I eventually managed to get up and see the car on Saturday 24th March. Ed met me at Powers Performance and it gave me a chance to look over the car, and chat with Dom and Ed about all the choices that lay in front of me.   Some of which were not needed, but the car was just so lovely that I felt this was the time to throw the wallet at it and just get it right first time, rather than worry over a few more shillings. (See perfect car comments above…J)

Some of the work I had carried out is listed here. Alloy radiator upgrade, heavy duty starter motor, upgraded and all new oil pump, re-bushed throttle pots, relined block, new clutch, front spacers and suspension set up silicone hoses etc etc…plus a few other things that took many hours of time from Ed to make the car spot on. All justified by the fact the engine was out; stripped and labour costs were being saved.   I think the wife could see my man logic on this one as well…phew!


The car had to have a few blemishes sorted, Ed’s want more than mine really and after many weeks of updates, with more photos and video updates from Ed, all of his advice, knowledge, the hours of preparation and focus on the small details resulted in what I (and the many people who have complemented me) think is the best Tuscan MK1 S out there.

The car was delivered on the day of the Royal Wedding on May 19th 2018. Harry remembers it for his reasons; I remember it for the day my Azzuro Hyperion Princess turned up.

I can without any hesitation recommend Ed and Shmoo Automotive Ltd to any potential buyer and I know this will be the first of many cars I have from them.

Harrys got style – TVR is the only direction!

Harry Noble
TVR T350C - Shmoo Automotive Ltd Harrys got style – TVR is the only direction!


Earlier this summer I bought my first TVR from Shmoo Automotive Ltd.

Within a few hours from sending an online enquiry form I had an email back with some more information, exactly the kind of prompt and helpful response I soon found to be the norm.


The car I was interested in was based at the Devon address, so I was introduced to Ross who deals with the cars down there.


My search was limited to a MK1 Tuscan and I was picky on colour, Ross offered advice over many emails and suggested a few other cars he had including a T350. With several cars being on my potential list I headed down to view. (It’s only just inside North Devon, so not that bad a trip actually.)


We decided to turn the trip into a long weekend with the wife and dog in tow.


Ross was incredibly accommodating. I got to try both models (T350 & Tuscan) and my wife got to be a passenger so she could provide her feedback on them as well. We then sat down over a coffee and looked over paperwork with Ross on hand to answer any questions.


At no point did I feel I had to make any decisions there and then, I left and spent the journey home with a notepad and pen going over my observations.


Once home I decided I wanted to take it further and get the T350 independently inspected; not a problem and Ross arranged to get it in at another local TVR specialist to give it the once over.


With report in hand and excellent feedback across the board the T350 joined the family.


Shmoo Automotive organised delivery and at an excellent rate, with the car arriving on time. I was expecting some initial hiccups (it’s a TVR…) and I had one issue, a quick text to Ross asking for advice and I got a call back within minutes. A new part was required and without even asking for it, Ross said their warranty would cover it for me. Since then I’ve texted the odd question and Ross still takes time to be as helpful as possible.


Loving the car and thanks to Shmoo Automotive for all the help and helping me join the TVR family.


Cheers Harry


Shifting tectonic plates make less noise!

Steve Clarke
Peterborough direction... just follow your ears...
Shifting tectonic plates make less noise!

A couple of weeks and 400 miles later and I’m absolutely loving the Harley, and so is everyone else Ed!

“Until recently, I would never have considered buying an item online valued at a five-digit figure.

And therein lies the strength of meeting Ed at Shmoo. Not only is he responsive online, but in person, he immediately puts one at ease with his honest frankness and authentic passion for the vehicles for which he’s seeking to find new homes.

My entire experience comprised just two visits to Shmoo’s Leicestershire operation, the first was to view the vehicle and various documents; whilst the second was to collect it! – wearing a huge smile. (And some dodgy bike gear Steve… 😉   )

Without reservation, I write this short testimonial in the hope it helps, even in a small way, to unite a future buyer with Shmoo, with Ed, and ultimately, with the vehicle of their dreams.”



TVR Adventures…

Steve Cameron
TVR Adventures…

A Mini TVR adventure with Shmoo Automotive – Summer 2018.


Having owned two classic TVR’s in the 80’s, a Taimar and a 280i Coupe, I recently made a decision back in the earlier part of 2018 to find, (in my opinion) one of the best looking TVR’s ever designed.


I was looking for a T350C, which I think has styling that harks back to the M series TVRs.


I thought that a Red Bull blue coloured car would be the one to find but having initially viewed two of those, (one of which was in Devon at the other Shmoo Automotive location) I decided that darker colours tended to kill the beautiful lines of the car and started looking for a lighter coloured example.


It turned out that Shmoo also had a 2003 T350T in BMW Slate Green pearl undergoing preparation.. so a trip to Leicester was booked and I viewed the car with Ed at the body shop that was doing some paintwork and fettling to the car.

I would describe the body colour as a very beautiful, almost classic Aston Martin inspired shade of green, and the interior was equally stunning being a mix of Fern Green Ambla, Nimbus Grey Ambla and Forest Lamonta all of which coordinated with the body colour to make this particular TVR stunning in every sense of the word and very classy. Ed had even had the door panels recovered in matching green leather, just to make it that little bit different.


Having read that it is worth finding a car that has had the engine sorted, so another plus point was this TVR had been subject to a full engine rebuild at Racing Green five years ago and had covered just 4000 miles since then.

Although I had not set out to find a targa this one was so attractive and drove well on a test drive that it ticked all the boxes so I could not resist striking a deal to purchase.

After some further fettling at the body shop the car was transported to their Devon location in Rose Ash near South Molton where some mechanical work including a 12000 mile service was undertaken by their TVR mechanic Phil, who was too busy to make his usual trip up to Leicester to complete the work.


Although Shmoo would have transported the TVR back to me in Worcestershire, a date for pick up was set to coincide with a TVR meeting being held on the village green in Rose Ash…. but how to get there?


Ed kindly offered to pick me up on his way down to Devon for the event as I live a few minutes from the M5. Perfect!


So, on an already hot and sunny Friday in June….my village was awoken by the roar of my approaching transport. Which was a rather stunning blue Tamora with Ed on board, and a T350C pulling up at my house, which his business colleague Ross was driving having just picked it up from Powers in Coventry following an engine rebuild to 4.5L specification. (Nice!).


Busy Friday afternoon traffic around Bristol meant the journey took way longer than anticipated but the ride in an open top Tamora with the Speed Six engine on song, popping and banging as we travelled, with clear blue skies above was just awesome. Ed and I both got the sunburn to prove just how hot it was!


A stop in an hotel in South Molton on the Friday night was followed by another pick up from team Shmoo on the Saturday morning for a short trip to the village green car gathering.

My T350T was parked on the grass verge, on a typical English village green. The sun was already shining and you really couldn’t ask for a better way to collect your new toy. It was parked between the Red Bull blue T350C I’d been to view just a few weeks beforehand and a Redglow pearl Sagaris on the other side of it.


As I’d viewed and nearly bought the blue T350C a few weeks earlier, seeing the two side by side… I knew I’d made the right decision to go with the lighter coloured targa.


After meeting and chatting to other fellow TVR petrolheads and sampling homemade delicacies being sold in the village hall, I made my exit a few hours later and headed for home.


What a great experience with Shmoo. They sell some lovely TVRs and have a real passion for the marque and it was the best secondhand car pick up ever!


I’ve had the car 5mths now, and each drive is still an event that I very much look forward to.


The story does not end there as I have had continued communications with Ed since purchase, which shows their commitment to please and stay in touch with their customers.


Thanks chaps, I’m so pleased I’m back in a TVR….here’s to a few more adventures!





“Ready Player 1…….”

Paul Sanderson
Bingley - Yorkshire
“Ready Player 1…….”

To Dream the impossible dream…..


It’s the 27th of October 1998, I’m one month into my A-Levels at a

Nottinghamshire Comprehensive School and already regret choosing

Chemistry. All I’m really interested in is girls and cars. I’m

addicted to Gran Turismo as it’s the closest I’ll get to a fast car, me

and a mate who will go on to become lifelong friends spend countless

hours on it, and I always pick the TVR Griffith.


This game will have a lot to answer for.


(It’s also the date that a certain Olympic Blue TVR Chimaera 400 HC was registered.) I know that I’d love a TVR, Griffith, Chimaera, Cerbera; any will do…lets be honest!…. but I’m 16yrs old and it’s just a pipe-dream.


…FAST forward 19 years, I’ve just got married and moved house, and I’m

looking forward to the last of my student loan being paid off, an

annual increment at work and paying off that loan that covered my

student living (Partying) expenses. …I ended up doing a Chemistry

Degree by the way.


So…I still want a TVR, for 12 years my wife has seen me looking

through the classifieds, one night she says “if you can afford it just buy

one”. Top tip; always do as the new wife says.


So the game becomes a reality….


I searched dozens of ads across the web, trying to find the right car

at the right price and preferably somewhere nearby in my native

Yorkshire, no joy.  Then over the Christmas period I see the little

blue 400 advertised by Ed at Shmoo Automotive, it could be the one,

it’s definitely a contender and I decide to make contact in the new

year. Shmoo are in Leicester so a trip to see the parents in Notts and

it’s only a short hop away.


I call Ed at Shmoo, he informs me the car is at the other branch in



So , that’s about as faraway as you can get and still be in the same country, damn!


Of course, I’m falling in love, so I ask for more pictures of the chassis, outriggers and interior. I’m looking at two others but have a couple of conversations with Ed over the phone about the car, he seems like a nice guy, in fact he was on holiday in the Canaries while we were having these conversations. It’s a bit more than my original budget, but it’s had lots of mechanical work done, things they hadn’t planned on doing but that would have been false economy to

leave and that will see it right for a while to come.


I can tell Ed isn’t a car salesman, he’s a petrol-head like me and won’t put his

name or the company reputation to a half-cocked job.


So that’s it…..I’m convinced, but I’m going down the road of breaking three of the most important car-buying rules;


  1. Don’t buy a car until you’ve seen it
  2. Don’t buy a car until you’ve driven it
  3. Don’t buy the first one you see/get excited about.


So after careful consideration I pay the deposit and buy a one way

train ticket for a few weeks time, the 5th of March to Tiverton in



Which it later transpires will be two days after ‘Storm Emma’

has blanketed the South of England in snow, and Tiverton is Ground

Zero. Great! J


When I arrive I’m collected by Ross from Shmoo, another car nut who

loves TVR’s, we drive to Ryan’s the valeters to collect the car, it’s

still there because of the weather.


Ross is worried that the car has had a new camshaft but has driven about 20 miles since because of the weather, so it’s not road-tested to the degree they’d ideally like, that’s not a good thing in a TVR is it?!!


He’s also worried that there’s still snow and ice on the ground and

asks if I’ve driven a TVR before, I haven’t, Ross is too polite to say

he thinks I’m mad, he asks if it’s a long drive back “300 miles” I

reply. Still too polite he changes the subject back to cars. (Maybe I should have lied and told him about my extensive digital experience driving a Griff in Gran Turismo….)


On arrival there is a blue Lotus Esprit Turbo parked outside the

garage, I comment that it’s a nice motor, it’s Ross’s new toy, and that can only be a good sign. (Like thin cooks, don’t trust people who won’t drive

the kind of car they sell.)


The car is exactly what was promised, tidy for 20 years old, a driver

not a Garage Queen, starts first time. They’ve kept the old shock

absorbers and camshaft for me to see and apologies that the

registration plates are a little tatty and the new ones haven’t

arrived, they’ll be in the post. The valeters and Ross are clearly

under the impression I’m insane, taking the car they’ve slaved over

out for it’s ‘test-run’ on a 300-miler in snow and ice and the soon to

be encroaching darkness. I have to agree but I’m as giddy as that 16yr

old again, I need the controller in my hands!


The paperwork was all in order, no fuss, no hitches, the keys were mine. I was asked to let them know I’d got the car back home ok and to call if I got stuck…..I’m definitely 16 again.


That first run was magic, the car drove like a dream, direct steering,

fantastic exhaust note and power on demand, I love my new car, and the

people around me in their drab Euro-boxes, Korean 7-year-warranty

shopping carts and soulless Rep-mobiles look on in astonishment that

someone is out in this weather in a car like this, I pity them and

wonder how many would swap with me right now. This is a big tick in the

life-box, I have my TVR, and I stick my foot down.


Since then the car hasn’t missed a beat, I’ve done about 1000 miles and

my neighbour comes out to smile and wave whenever I start it, I’m

grinning whilst I write this.


So thanks to especially to Ed, Ross, and also Ryan and the valeters

for a top job. It was an unforgettable, random but simple and straight

forward buying experience and I can’t recommend Shmoo Automotive Ltd

enough, I wish them all the best for the future, I would buy from them

again without hesitation, what more can you say about a company. I’m

off for a drive now, Thanks again guys. The dream came true!



‘A-Z TVR Prep’…..Done!

Caspar Giles
‘A-Z TVR Prep’…..Done!

Bought in June ’17…. (Written in Feb ’18)   🙂

Well, with my early mid life crisis in full swing and after much time spent online considering various options I decided to go full ‘petrolhead’ and buy a TVR.    Having never owned or even driven anything like it I decided a Chimaera would be a good place to start and set about looking for one that was as original as possible and didn’t have one of those horrendously coloured interiors that some of them seem to have.

I hit the jackpot (or so I thought) when a Starmist Green Chimaera 450 with grey leather interior popped up on Autotrader. It was perfect, so I arranged to see the private owner that weekend.    Then a couple of days later he apologetically informed me that another buyer had committed to purchasing it and was on his way over to pick it up. Gutted to have missed out I went back to the search.

A few days later what looked like a very similar car popped up online again and I made enquiries. It was indeed the very same car!    This was when I first made contact with Ed at Shmoo Automotive Ltd, who it transpires were the buyers that had been a little quicker on the draw!

It turned out that after speaking with Ed, the car needed a bit of work doing to get it to the required retail standard for Shmoo. They were very happy to collaborate with a potential buyer on a project to get it back to its best.  At such an early stage, it would mean we could all make the most of the situation and a degree of custom prep could be undertaken.   The car was due to be shipped to Devon as it was suspected that chassis work would be required, and that would be where I could view the car before their full prep list began.

At first I was slightly miffed thinking that this would mean I was paying more than I would have done if I’d been quicker to buy from the previous owner, but I quickly realised I didn’t have the first clue when it came to TVRs (or cars or anything vaguely mechanical in fact!) and these guys really knew what they were talking about. They quickly built rapport and trust and I felt in very safe hands, it genuinely felt like their priority was doing the best by me and putting together a car that would be my pride and joy.

I first saw the car at Ross’ beautiful place down in Devon – it could not have been more picturesque set in rolling countryside and a perfect summer’s day – ideal for my first test drive!   Just another great part of my experience.

We worked out a budget and discussed possible options.      My main focus was more mechanical than cosmetic – it was in pretty good shape and had been well looked after but I wanted a reliable (or as reliable as possible) TVR so I could focus on enjoying the drive rather than spend all my time on the side of the road waiting for the AA!

Ed and Ross guided me through the options in an impartial and objective way, making me feel like I was making informed decisions about what was needed. These included new hand made outriggers, redoing the hood, full engine overhaul including new camshaft and chains etc and fixing a pesky oil leak (it hasn’t leaked a drop in my ownership since!), new tyres all round and fixing a few cosmetic and functional bits. Throughout the process no detail was spared and they were fantastic at communicating and being a joy to work with. They clearly have a great network of people they use and I always felt like I was getting the best service with no expense spared and updates a plenty as the work progressed.

I quickly realised that actually Ed having bought the car before me was the best possible outcome I could have had. I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start with the work that needed doing and there was no way I would have had the time to be organising all the works on my own, let alone researching who would be the best people to use. I felt in safe hands all the way through which was great peace of mind, especially when everyone you know is questioning your decision to buy such what they think is an ‘unreliable death trap’.

I can’t thank Ed and Ross enough, the final product has been an absolute joy and continues to be every time I turn it on and hear the beasty 4.5 V8 roar and rumble into life. I picked the car up from Devon from their valeters (Ryan at RP Detailing) who had made it look brand new inside and out (I’ve never seen such a clean engine bay!) but Ross handing over the keys wasn’t the end of the process, the guys have been incredibly supportive ever since, recommending mechanics and advising around questions I’ve had from my 1000 mile oil change and even paintwork…due to a jealous soul last summer!

My initial plan was to keep the car for a couple of summers and then sell it on but I’m smitten and plan on keeping it for good, best purchasing decision I ever made and from the first phone call to driving off into the sunset, an amazing buying experience – I’m extremely grateful, thank you Ed and Ross of Shmoo Automotive Ltd.

Sounds like that’s a…Czech mate?

Czech Republic
Sounds like that’s a…Czech mate?

I can highly recommend Ross and Shmoo Automotive Ltd. The service was of a very high standard, friendly and professional.

The car was as advertised, with no hidden surprises. The vehicle was well prepared and valeted. Aftersales support since collection is also outstanding, with a friendly and helpful approach to solving problems of all sorts.   ….and that’s helpful when you live in the Czech Republic!




It’s only 462 miles…

Scott Higgins
East Lothian
It’s only 462 miles…

“Jeepers, that’s miles away!”

One of the very few negatives of living north of Hadrian’s Wall is that most of the good cars are usually pretty far away.  And so it came to pass with a Mk1 Tuscan that caught my eye online – at Shmoo Automotive Ltd….and not at the Leicester office, but 462 miles away at the Shmoo Devon address!


I’d heard good things about the company through the various TVR circles, so I gave them a buzz to find out more. My initial enquiry landed with Ed, and he passed me on to Ross who had the car down in the south. They couldn’t have been more helpful.  So much so, that I felt confident enough to buy the car ‘blind’, and have it delivered to Scotland by a third party recommended by Shmoo.  The car arrived as scheduled and it was exactly as described.  Sadly, I’ve since had to sell her due to ill health, but I hope to be back in the market for another TVR as soon as I am able.  (We hope you are to Scott – Ross & Ed).

I know where my first port of call will be when the time comes…

Scott Higgins
East Lothian

Triple ‘A’ Score from the sale of a FFF Tamora.

Greg Riley-Smith
Up North
Triple ‘A’ Score from the sale of a FFF Tamora.

(This is why we do it!)

After a posting with the Foreign Office and the EU lasting three years I was wistful for all things British and my imminent return to the UK and the Ministry of Justice meant that I had to buy ‘sensible’ transport in the shape the now almost ubiquitous SUV but, more pleasantly, it also afforded me the opportunity to indulge myself somewhat.

Now indulgence can take many forms. For some people it’s a quality Swiss watch or two, for some its foreign travel or a full wine cellar.  For me, indulgence has always been connected with shooting and with cars and bikes.
I have owned all sorts of cars and bikes over the years and yet in the back of my mind I always hankered after a very British TVRS3 that I didn’t buy all the way back in 1993.

At the time I took what I thought was the sensible decision and I bought a Porsche. The guards red and linen leather Porsche was a fine tool for the job that it was intended for. It was moderately quick. It was efficient. It was ergonomic. But it was also Teutonic, sterile and soulless. I always missed the opportunity to buy that S3 and so In the summer of 2017 and anticipating my return to Blighty, I decided to right a longstanding wrong and to buy a TVR. After some deliberation I decided that I wanted a Speed Six engine and after more deliberation and discussion I decided that the ‘better mannered’ Tamora might suit my needs.

….The hunt was on.

Buying a second hand car is at best a fraught experience. One rarely knows what lurks beneath the recently buffed paintwork or the similarly glossy description. We do tend to buy with our eyes and of course this can be a tricky business- especially with a TVR.
The best advice I could give to anyone would be to get an engineer’s report before buying any car. Test drive it. Mull it over. Haggle. ….I did none of this.

In November of 2017 I spotted the ‘ideal’ car for me. A low mileage 2002 Tamora in Halcyon Atlantis with a triple F engine upgrade courtesy of Racing Green.

It was advertised with the quirkily named Shmoo Automotive and I called one of the partners, Ed Gibson, to discuss the car.

After a very pleasant conversation Ed apologetically explained that I was third in the queue for this car. Hopes dashed I went back to searching for the ‘right’ vehicle and although Ed had taken my number, he didn’t call back.

Hopes were raised a couple of days later. Ed called and told me that the person he had expected would bid on the car had not materialised.   There were only two of us in the hunt.

He told me that given the chap was also deliberating the car, and that I couldn’t come to see the it, he could only really secure it for me if I put down a deposit…. on a car I had never seen!

Now this was a risk. It was not really logical and somewhat against the advice I would give to anyone else.  So of course, I put a rather large deposit on the car.

A few days later saw me travel down to pick up a car I had never seen, much less driven.
In the interim Ed had sent me a wealth of information on the car, including a few videos showing the vehicle going through its MOT and being prepared for sale, nevertheless I had a twinge of trepidation as I stood waiting for Ed at the local rail station where he had kindly offered to pick me up.

I had no need to be concerned.

The car was ‘almost’ exactly as Ed had described. I say almost exactly because in my opinion he had been a little too critical in terms of his description. I didn’t even test drive the car before I transferred the cash to Ed and then set off back home returning the car to Lancashire, only about 20 miles from where it was originally built.

Before I set off, Ed was careful to point out that he has just found a fault he had not previously disclosed. The near side electric wing mirror was not working. Ed pointed this out to me and undertook to pay for its repair if this was needed (given that it may just be a loose connection).

Since buying the car I have been I regular contact with Ed- his after sales service is outstanding. After the car had its winter rest I found out that it had an inoperative clutch. This turned out to require a new master and slave cylinder. A slave cylinder had previously been fitted by Racing Green in the October, they they kindly agreed to pay for the new part, but the master cylinder was not their issue.

Ed Gibson paid half of the cost without my asking him to do so.  The work was carried out at X-Works, the TVR specialists near my home in Lancashire and they commented on the condition of the car saying that the chassis was one of the best they had ever seen. After carrying out a complete check on the car they could find nothing requiring any work. The car really was exactly as described by Ed. Furthermore, my friend, Richard Sails, national chair of the TVR car club commented that he thought that the price I had paid for the car represented ‘very good value’.

So, would I recommend buying a car without ever having seen it, much less driving it?  No, of course I wouldn’t. Never in a million years. Never, unless Ed was selling it. In that case I would be confident that the car being described was the true to the description. I’ve no doubt that the next time I’m in the market for a car Ed’s number will be the first  I will call.

Greg Riley-Smith

Thor Gurgling Hammers!

Adam Nightingale
Thor Gurgling Hammers!

Buying an expensive car without driving it, let alone even seeing it, is clearly daft.

Only a fool would engage in such a perilous way of parting with his money. Or, in this case, a fool dealing with Ed at Shmoo Automotive Ltd, who I have found to be not only an utterly decent chap but also a pleasure to deal with.

He has been meticulous, patient, communicative and completely transparent during what turned into quite a long haul of negotiating between various parties, Ed gives car dealers a good name, and I wish that there were more like him. Ed, thank you so much.

…Oh, and what a NOISE this car makes!!!!!!

Adam N

Hazy days days in a Caterham….

Julian Mitchell
Caterham Roadsport VVC Hazy days days in a Caterham….

L7VVC – Caterham 7

“Having wanted a Caterham 7 for 25 years, the opportunity finally presented itself – all I had to do was find the right car.

I had the budget for a decent if not top spec 7 and spent some time scouring websites looking for one.

As I expected to have to travel to get the right car, my searches were country wide and so when a car came up at a local dealer – Shmoo Automotive Ltd – I was a little sceptical that the perfect car could be on the door step!

The hi-res pictures on the Shmoo website made the car look good, but only after talking to Ed Gibson on the phone did it become clear that I needed to see the car.

The visit was like no other used car experience I have had. Ed was easy to talk to, knowledgeable, attentive and was happy to spend as much time with me as I needed.

The presentation of the car was fantastic as was the attention to detail. The test drive was also a pleasure. It seemed like we could go anywhere and we had a really good run. Alas, it was over all too soon.

As this was the first Caterham I had looked at, I wanted to look at a few more to make sure I had a balanced view. However, on the drive home my wife and I decided that for the budget we had and given the research I had done, there wasn’t going to be a better car anywhere. – A simple call and the car was mine.

Over the next few days, Ed arranged an MOT and cam belt change just to be on the safe side.

Ed also made the business side of things was easy and went out of his way to arrange a collection time that suited me.

L7VVC has certainly been all over than place this year – some lovely weather and some terrible.  The muddiest was the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June where we camped (and had to drive around) in a bog. We had a spin around Donnington circuit too but mainly just bumbled around the countryside enjoying the wind and noise.

I’ve attached a few pictures of life with the car so far – its been a great year thank you.

Should I ever need another similar car, I would have no hesitation of asking Ed to find me one – it was a pleasure doing business.”

T350C & Biscuits – Doesn’t get better!

TVR T350C Silver - Shmoo Automotive Ltd T350C & Biscuits – Doesn’t get better!

Most people might say that a young man in his early 20’s aspiring to own a TVR would be nothing more than a pipe dream to be fulfilled in the later years in life; and until recently I would have wholeheartedly agreed with them.

At the end of last year a fellow petrol head and colleague invited me to the Neil Garner open day with full chauffeur service in a Chimaera 500 on offer; naturally I agreed without hesitation. Pulling up at the workshop was an experience I’ll never forget, a sea of stunning, perfectly loud, quintessentially British sports cars lined bumper to bumper fresh from a countryside run.

Part way through the day I realised a TVR was the only type of car that’s been able to tick the all important boxes: curiously interesting, incredible to look at, exceptionally rare, enough power to pull the roof off a rice pudding factory and they’ve all been designed and manufactured in the motherland. I had to have one.

To the Internet! I spent the next couple of months ogling over the car I’d fallen for at the gathering, the TVR T350. It was around this time that I stumbled across Shmoo Automotive’s website.  A very well presented page with lots of detail about their cars; service histories, upgrades and a wealth of  photographs and videos.   I was almost immediately drawn to a 2003 brilliant silver 350c. After reading and rereading all of the information on the site I picked up the phone and spoke to Ed.   He informed me that this one was down at the other branch in Devon and that my details would be passed on to Ross.   Ross duly made contact.   After feeling really well informed and being told that there was a Red bull blue car also for sale I arranged a date to head down and see what was what.

Pulling up to the picturesque country home  I knew I had a selection challenge on my hands. I’d almost completely dismissed the blue car at this point but seeing the pair parked next to each other really put them at a head to head. Shortly after arrival I had the pleasure of meeting our host. I can honestly say Ross was the sort of salesman everyone hopes to deal with when going to view a car; welcoming, down to earth, knowledgable and happy to talk in depth about the cars. The couple of to be honest ‘obscure’ questions I threw his way were answered on a phone call the following day. After going out for a test drive through the country side we were invited for a cuppa and some lovely reindeer biscuits made by Ross’s wife Stella and their two boys this was followed by a mooch through the two cars paper work.

A few days later and after relatively little deliberation I had decided to take the plunge and go for the silver car I’d originally gotten excited about, subject to viewing on a ramp which Ross was more than happy to arrange. I was pleased to report that this didn’t show up any gremlins and the chassis was in surprisingly good condition for being such an early example. We arranged for a couple of bits to be sorted and a date for me to collect the car.

Between the ramp inspection and collection fell the Christmas holidays. Despite this any questions that popped into my head were quickly responded to, often by phone. When the joyous day finally came for me to pick up my belated present to myself the weather was far from ideal, lots and lots of rain. At least all the salt had been washed from the road right? After arriving, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s the keys were mine. The first drive by myself was nothing short of exhilarating, even if I did only hit 50mph going down the dual carriageway!

However pulling up at the fuel station the TVR showcased its first magic trick; leaving the ignition running despite the fact the key was in my pocket outside the car. Being new to the TVR scene this did for all of 5 minutes begin to worry me.    However Ross had the issue identified and sorted before I even had a chance to get flustered. Within a couple of hours and one new alternator later I was on my way home. I still class the event as a triumph because I was given another cuppa and the chance to sample some more delicious homemade biscuits.  (I really must have one of these biscuits – Ed).

Three months later I’m trouble free and haven’t regretted even for a second my decision to buy the car; a large part of that fact I’m  sure is down to the excellent service provided by Ross and Shmoo Automotive.  From the first call to now, it’s been flawless and I’d highly recommend them to anyone in the market for any car… not just a TVR. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for everything!


An Elise in Finland is as rare as a moose in Leicestershire!

Peter Parkkonen
Helsinki - Finland
Lotus Elise S2 Shmoo Automotive An Elise in Finland is as rare as a moose in Leicestershire!

Blue Lotus Elise to Finland

When planning the purchase of a Lotus Elise I went through a great deal of different options available in Britain. Of these alternatives one stood out. Not only for its good overall condition but also the evident expertise and experience of the firm selling the car that was reflected e.g. in the testimonials at the website.

The high resolution pictures available on the Shmoo Automotive website made it easy to see many details of the car. This was especially important for me as I live in Finland and the planning stage took place here as well. On the basis of the information and photos presented on the site it was easy to book a test drive.

My phone call was answered by Ed Gibson who was very flexible in arranging a meeting that fit my and my wife’s rather tight itinerary. Ed turned out to be a really nice and knowledgeable person. Must say that we have never experienced such a pleasant time when buying a car. We learned a lot about Elises in general as well as this particular car.

It was a real pleasure doing business with Ed. At the end he even replaced the battery in order to make certain that one does not end up in trouble on the way back through the Netherlands, Germany and finally the ferry to Finland. The car ended up behaving very well and is now turning heads in the streets of Helsinki.

Peter Parkkonen

Helsinki, Finland

Patience rewarded with stunning Tuscan….

Stuart Dunn
Patience rewarded with stunning Tuscan….

Tuscan MK 1

“Having owned a lovely TVR Chimaera 450 for some 3 years, I found myself suddenly hankering for a change . I have always loved the curves of the Tuscan MK1 and spent many nights reading all I could about the pros and cons of Tuscan ownership.

Having set myself a budget I set about looking for the right car in the classifieds. Although there were plenty on offer, nothing really caught my eye other than a lovely mango orange Tuscan being offered by another well known TVR dealer. Unfortunately too much dithering on my part meant the car was snapped up before I made the decision to go and view.

A year went by and I started to look again, this time however I was looking for a TVR T350 .

Shmoo place down in Devon had such a car and enquiries were made. Unfortunately once again timing wasn’t on my side and by the time I could arrange a trip to Devon the car had been sold.

I mentioned to Ross at the Devon location that should he know of another car coming in to please let me know. A few days passed and Ross contacted me to say “I don’t suppose you would be interested in a Mk 1 Tuscan by any chance”?  Ed Gibson at the Leicester office had a 2004 Tuscan Mk 1 coming in which was said to be in immaculate condition… if Interested – Ed would contact me.    Appetite duly whetted….

I wasted no time and was on the phone to Ed pronto. Within a very short space of time Ed had emailed a series of high resolution pictures which showed the car to look every bit as good as described. We discussed my part exchanging the Chimaera and a fair deal was struck, subject of course to my liking the Tuscan and Ed approving the Chimaera.

Two days later I arrived to meet Ed at the Leicester office and was immediately impressed by both the presentation of the Tuscan and Ed’s genuine enthusiasm for the vehicle.

There was no great over the top sales pitch from Ed, just great honest friendly advice and all the time needed to look around the car and take it for a spin.    Well a short drive later and following a nice cup of coffee, biscuits and plenty of banter the deal was done.

I’ve now had the car 6 months and still have that eager anticipation for every drive, the Tuscan is a fabulous car and receives plenty of attention just as Ed said it would.

Ed and I still keep in touch, I can honestly say to anyone looking for a TVR or in fact any car that Shmoo are advertising, don’t hesitate to call Ed…. you won’t regret it.”


Bonny Scotland bound….

Malc Stables
TVR Tuscan - Shmoo Automotive Bonny Scotland bound….

The search to replace my recently sold TVR Chimaera with a Tuscan began at the beginning of 2016. However being based in Edinburgh, the relative rarity of these cars meant that local pickings were slim.

I spent a little time viewing a few (tatty) examples within a 100 mile radius, and then decided to broaden my search.

This led me to Shmoo Automotive Ltd, and a lovely looking Crystal Topaz example down in Leicester.

With it being over 300 miles away, viewing wasn’t going to be easy. In talking to Ed on the phone, he volunteered some high resolution pictures of each area of the car I wanted like to see.

On top of this, he happily sent on many high-definition videos of both the car and its history for me to look through and spend a bit of time interrogating.

This coupled with the reputation I had read about online throughout various car enthusiast forums, and a two year engine warranty from Powers Performance led me to put down a deposit on the car sight unseen.

Ed was very open an honest with every aspect of the car, his passion for the motor car really shows through. He suggested some paint work to a few areas (In addition to what was already being undertaken by Shmoo) to bring it up to showroom standard, and again kept me up to date with day-to-day pictures, videos, and phone calls.

Once the car was prepped and ready for pick up, I flew down to Birmingham airport and met Ed in person for the first time! (He isn’t the guy from Wheeler Dealers).

The paintwork, was STUNNING and I still can’t get over just how beautiful the car is and how good the finish was. Everything I’d expected and hoped for, all in one beautiful car.

After a bit of a blether with Ed and the guys from TVR Power, I began my drive home – which I enjoyed immensely!

I dropped off the motorway into the Scottish Borders when the sun was beginning to set, whipped the back window out, and enjoyed the last leg of the journey through some fantastic roads, the Speed Six popping and cracking away on overrun, giving a brilliant soundtrack bouncing off the hills. What a trip!

A great experience from day one really, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Ed and Shmoo Automotive Ltd to anyone looking for something special, and a special experience in buying it.

Now…where are those keys!!!??


Tuscan Tony is a happy man.

Tony Noble
Oakham Rutland.
TVR Tuscan Shmoo Automotive Tuscan Tony is a happy man.

“Having been a long time admirer of TVR’s  I decided to take the plunge.

I carried out my research, spoke to several dealers and delved into the web, and after a few disappointments came across a Tuscan Mk 1 at Shmoo.

I spoke to Ed, who was a wealth of information to back up the very comprehensive details on the website and immediately thought that this was someone I could deal with .

I am/was a relative novice to the TVR marque and Ed had a never ending supply of patience.  Always pointing out the positives as well as the potential negatives of ownership.

The Tuscan he had was in superb condition, having been well looked after by its previous owners, however the way it had been prepared for sale by Ed and his team, took it to an even higher level of desirability in my eyes.   The preparation of both the inside, exterior and underside (Which was photographed on a ramp and in great detail) was superb and it was obvious the passion Ed has for his vehicles, had led him to spend hours bringing the car up to condition that defied its 15 year age.

 All aspects of the comprehensive history were fully explained and nothing appeared to be too much trouble, including introductions/guidance to key local outlets for future servicing etc

The high level of service didn’t end with me and the Tuscan leaving Ed’s premises, but the aftersales attention has been at the same high level, possibly the best I have experienced in a good number of years dealing in the fickle world of selling and purchasing vehicles !

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ed/Shmoo to any potential buyer of one of his comprehensive list of vehicles, which are not just limited to TVR.   An honest, straightforward and knowledgeable guy to deal with and someone I know that I will be carrying out further transactions with in the future as well as popping buy to feast my eyes on all of the glorious cars and bikes he has about him. “

Kind regards


History repeating…..

Chris Wright
Caterham CSR260 MH55XHF History repeating…..

Caterham CSR 260 – ‘Flying Banana’

I have just collected my pristine CSR From Ed at Shmoo and I am absolutely thrilled. I previously owned an Exige S that was prepped and supplied by Ed so I was extremely comfortable dealing with Shmoo again due to the excellent level of care and integrity that Ed clearly prides himself on.

Having also owned a CSR before, I was keen to find one that was equal or better in condition to the one I regretted selling and was hugely impressed with the condition of this particular car. Ed was professional, friendly,  patient, knowledgable and helpful throughout my enquiries and never pushed unduly or oversold any aspects of the car that could not be evidenced. As mentioned above, and in some of the other testimonials on this page, It’s Ed’s passion, honesty and integrity that sets Shmoo apart from the sad majority of so called specialists that I have dealt with in the past….

Having had two rock-solid experiences with Shmoo, Ed will be the first person I call when considering my next sale or purchase. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Gleaming Panzer SL finds new home and a happy owner…

Steve Hook
Merc 300SL Testimonial Gleaming Panzer SL finds new home and a happy owner…

I’d been looking for a nice 300SL for some time and was pointed to the Shmoo Automotive site.  And I was really impressed with the  high caliber of the photos and the genuine sounding and detailed description of the SL.

First contact with Ed on the phone was really helpful and reassuring with regards to the condition of the car, and an immediate visit was not disappointing, with the SL looking as good as in the photos and the description being spot on, which made me realise just how honest Ed had been.

A deal was done and Ed was really flexible on how the payment was made with electronic transfer as the ideal option….. I am absolutely delighted with the car and it makes a great addition to my collection… By far the the best experiance I have had with a car dealer…very professional and helpful in every way…..Thanks Ed.

Doing our bit for Euro relations…..

TVR Tuscan MK1 4.0 Shmoo Automotive Ltd Doing our bit for Euro relations…..

“The Shmoo Experience.

TVR is a rare breed, even more in Belgium.

So I decided to have a look across the Channel and called Shmoo Automotive Ltd. I ended up in the end dealing with Ross at their North Devon location.

Car addict and highly knowledgeable, Ross is THE guy to talk to. After a call or 2, we set up an appointment and off I went (on Sunday!).

Following a warm welcome, Ross took me through the good AND bad of the Tuscan. He answered to every single question, regardless of the impact that it could have on the sale. His honesty was much appreciated and helpful (upcoming work to be done, maintenance/running costs).

I also would like to highlight the fact that Ross and Ed do not only sell cars! They will provide you with many tips and contacts to make your new TVR ownership as smooth/enjoyable as possible.

Great experience!

And by the way…even if you don’t buy a car, Stella’s shortbreads only are worth the trip! ”

Well done Ross (And Stella).

The kind of Belgian Waffle we like :)

Jerome Camurani
The kind of Belgian Waffle we like :)

Dream come true for Jerome…

When I was a kid, one of my dreams was to go to Blackpool and come back home with a TVR. That dream became true thanks to Shmoo Automotive:  I could go to the UK, bought and brought a splendid Cerbera back home in Belgium, driving a splendid roadtrip without any mechanical nor electric issue.  A true happiness for me and a unique experience.

That unique moment wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Ross and his wife Stella.  Not to forget Phil, who inspected the car inside & out, to ensure that the beauty would arrive safely in Belgium.

So a big thanks to the three of you for this fabulous moment that has been the purchase of the car of my dreams.   Thanks for the servicing,  your honesty,  your availability,  your professionalism,  your proactivity… and your more than warm welcome when I came over to get the car.

I hope to see you again very soon J

… And the dream come true (thanks to Shmoo ;-)) :


Quand j’étais enfant, l’un de mes rêves était de me rendre en Angleterre, à l’usine de Blackpool, et revenir avec une TVR à la maison…

Ce rêve, j’ai pu le réaliser grâce à Smooautomotive : j’ai pu acheter et ramener une splendide Cerbera depuis l’Angleterre jusque chez moi en Belgique, par la route, et sans le moindre souci électrique ou mécanique. Un pur bonheur et une expérience unique.

Cette expérience unique n’aurait pas été possible sans l’aidede Ross et de son épouse Stella. A ne pas oublier non plus Phil, qui a inspecté la voiture sous toutes ses coutures afin d’être certain que la Belle arriverait bien à bon port en Belgique.

En un mot comme en cent, Merci à tous les trois pour cette merveilleuse expérience qu’a été l’achat de la voiture de mes rêves. Merci pour le service, l’honnêteté, la disponibilité, le professionnalisme, la proactivité,… et l’accueil plus que chaleureux quand je suis venu chercher la voiture.

J’espère à très bientôt J

RS Performance Blue in the green fields of Northern Ireland…

John Mason
County Armagh - Northern Ireland
RS Performance Blue in the green fields of Northern Ireland…

From when I first spoke to Ed Gibson at Shmoo Automotive about my new RS Focus, I was very impressed. He was most knowledgeable about his cars and was able to email lots of supporting documents like service receipts and Mot’s which were very welcome and reassuring when buying from across the water.

A couple of minor blemishes on car were actually ‘exaggerated’..

The high resolution pics and video on the website were just great!  They really made this car both stand out.. and gave huge comfort that I could see the car in such high quality images and detail.

Ed was kind enough to pick me up from an early flight at East Midlands Airport so I was able to inspect the car in a very un-rushed way – and when it was time to complete the paper work it was done in a very efficient manner which allowed me to be back in Northern Ireland that same night by 9.00 pm.

All in all an excellent experience and would have no hesitation in recommending this excellent company to do business with.

Thanks again, John”.

MX5 Delight for Pat!

Bob & Pat Cromwell
MX5 Delight for Pat!

When I decided to purchase a Mazda MX5 (it was to be a secret present for my wife) I had no hesitation in giving the task to Ed who I’ve known for years and have watched his specialist business blossom and grow. What makes him different from an off-the-shelf carman is his legendary attention to detail and the certainty he would deliver on time (the clock was ticking for our French road trip), within budget matched to the car spec given to him at the outset.

In addition to his own wealth of experience, his network of very professional contacts enables him to search a wide geographical area, greatly increasing his pool of options in order to make the best purchase for his clients.

We were not disappointed. My wife was blown away by the car when she saw it. Ed even did the presentation with an impressive piece of theatre involving a pub lunch and a casual mention of popping in to see some of the cars he currently had in stock before we departed. This ensured until the very last second that she had no idea the car was meant for her. The video clip of the event is a classic.

So, thanks Ed, nice doing business with you – again!