Ex Race Car, plus at least 12 other cars and bikes….and counting!

Jason Livingstone,
Ex Race Car, plus at least 12 other cars and bikes….and counting!

I bought a ex race car for track days many years ago from Ed. I liked his honest description and great HD photos on the web site. I quickly realised that he was a petrolhead like me, an enthusiast who wasn’t just trying to flog whatever he had in stock to me. When I came to see the car it was exactly as described. Since that first car I have bought sold and SOR’d 12 vehicles with Ed over 9 years.

When you have the petrolhead bug it really is good to find a dealer who is genuinely an enthusiast himself and understands that you want to know what’s not perfect with the car if anything, we all prefer to be told honestly and don’t expect a 30 year old classic to be perfect, so why do so many dealers give you the flannel. So many times I have been to look at cars and gone away cursing the lying SOB who got me to waste my time….. Not Shmoo.

Ed is more fastidious than me and his description is dead on accurate. I have no hesitation in giving my personal assurance recommendation and testimonial for Ed and Shmoo. It is like having your best mate along to help you buy. Now what motor dealer do you know that can you say that about. If you have the car bug then deal with a fellow car enthusiast. You will come back again and again because Ed deals in all the toys you like and takes back the one you don’t want any more. He is after your long term repeat business and will work to get that. Melanie is rather nice to look at too……

12 times around the Earth in a Range Rover!

Dave Buckley
Derbyshire and beyond...
12 times around the Earth in a Range Rover!

After complaining to a friend that I had not found the time to find a replacement for my everyday car. My buddy basically said; that’s no excuse…. Call Ed at Shmoo Automotive, tell him what you want and he will do the rest”.

I called Ed. I told him what I wanted and what my budget was, which took all of five minutes, Ed told me he would be in touch. If I’m honest my expectations at this point were low… I did not know Ed, I had never heard of Shmoo and I was asking for a lot of car for my money.

Within days Ed was back with a high spec, low mileage, Supercharged V8 Range Rover with a full service history. Exactly the car I was looking for. The deal was done over the phone and Ed personally delivered it within the week. It was immaculately presented and spotlessly clean and better than I had imagined my budget would stretch to.

I bought my buddy a beer for the recommendation and then put over 300,000 trouble free miles on that beast of a car. (Ed kindly calculated my fuel bill to £91,000 during this period!).

Recently, I called Ed again and once again gave him my “wish list” and budget and now I’m driving a beautiful Supercharged 5.0 V8 Jaguar XF-R that makes me smile every time I start it.

I also owe Ed a beer… and have recommended Shmoo Automotive to everyone who has shown the least bit of interest in the Jaguar.

TVR to Australia….? “No problem mate”

Graham McMahon
Sydney Australia
TVR to Australia….?  “No problem mate”

The wonders of technology and the detail on the Shmoo Automotive website have allowed us to buy our 5th TVR…even sitting at my desk in Australia!!

It has been a real pleasure to deal with Ed Gibson during our recent purchase of a lovely TVR Sagaris.

His honesty and willingness to help us in anyway he could, certainly went a long way to securing our business.

The car itself was exactly as represented on the company website and we would certainly look to do future business with Mr Gibson and Shmoo Automotive Ltd.


12mths in.. and still gloriously happy!

Sebastian Haque
12mths in.. and still gloriously happy!

The thoughts of Sebastian….. 

Buying and selling cars is commonly seen as quite a laborious process, with

buyers only wanting a drive of a “fancy car” or endless low-ball offers – and sellers advertising “full service history” as one stamp in five years, or mentioning minor bodywork damage which turns out be a nasty experience with a lamp post.

Being new to the world of TVRs, I was doing my research on whom to buy from and what to look out for, and I heard nothing but praise for Shmoo.

It’s always a good sign when you see Ed happily posting and getting involved on car forums and social media – shows there’s nothing to hide.

I had my eye on a particular T350C for sale at Shmoo, and when I picked up the phone I had the pleasure of dealing with Ross.

The way in which Shmoo conducts business is nothing short of fantastic. Ross was brilliant in discussing what I wanted over the phone, and was a pleasure to deal with in person. I was afforded all the time (and tea) to look over the car that I wanted, and after a bit of a chat about cars, we agreed to crunch some numbers and work things out.

I didn’t even see a need to haggle as Ross and Ed both made their side of the deal very transparent.

It goes without saying that my T350 is a gorgeous example of the model. The way in which the vehicle was first presented to me – I won’t spoil it for all you

prospective buyers! – but was enough to make my petrolhead heart very satisfied.

I was a bit fussy with what I wanted doing to the car, but Ross was more than happy to accommodate my needs. I even ordered a sports exhaust for the car (why not?), which they were happy to get fitted for me while the car was undergoing a 12k service.

Throughout my experience with Shmoo I never found myself wanting for


Ross and Ed always kept me in the loop, and even after normal office hours I

found myself with pleasant updates as to how my car was doing, or where in the world Ed was messaging me from.

Even after a year of rumbling around, I asked Ross a question about some paperwork I’d misplaced – within a few hours, it was in my inbox.

I’ll be recommending Shmoo to anybody who wants an interesting car.

I believe Shmoo are now also working with Powers Performance, so can often do fabulously lengthy warranties for peace of mind on the engines.

Thanks for everything chaps. Congratulations on 10 years, here’s to many more.


Air-cooled Porsche to Harley Davidsons…

Fraser Dick
Air-cooled Porsche to Harley Davidsons…

After dealing with Ed from Shmoo Automotive for the best part of ten years in both the sale & purchase of classic & modern cars & motorbikes it’s always apparent that his attention to detail is paramount.

The preparation of his vehicles is meticulous & the descriptions are extremely accurate.

One thing is clear & that is theres a genuine love of what he does.

The whole experience when purchasing a vehicle from Ed is pleasurable coupled with a feeling of buyer confidence, knowing that the vehicle is as described & most importantly one of quality.

He doesn’t stack them high and sell them cheap, he does what he does because he likes the process and dealing with like minded people.

Fraser Dick.

Managing Director.

Perfection Alloys Ltd.

Do you think he knows Mrs Robinson?

Matthew Dabell
boatail1 Do you think he knows Mrs Robinson?

Dear Ed,

I just wanted to put pen to paper to thank you for working so hard in preparing the car, after huge amounts of partially planned and unplanned work (all my extras I know!), finally delivering the Spider Duetto to me earlier this summer.  Despite the rather dismal weather we have been able to enjoy enough sunny days shaking it down and showing it off in readiness for that all important first service after which the revs will no doubt climb!

Your knowledge, honesty and general advice were extremely reassuring and your work liaising with Dave at Interservices and Shane at the bodyshop together with all the other ‘bit’ players was beyond the call of duty.   Dave prepared the engine perfectly and it sounds very sweet indeed, and with Shane’s superb paint finish the car certainly brings a broad smile to everyone it passes!

Not knowing a huge amount about classic cars myself I was slightly worried about my search as you hear so many horror stories, but I will certainly not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends thinking of buying a classic or sports car.

I will keep you posted once I have had the first oil change and minor tweaks and hope to find at least one more, shall we say, warm weekend when I can take her out and go beyond the much feted 3000 revs!

Best Regards and thanks again,


British Icon Healey goes to live with Haley…

Terry Haley
British Icon Healey goes to live with Haley…

Hi Ed,

Well, it looks like the time has finally come to lock the Austin Healey away in the garage for the winter and start to make plans for some fun days out in what will hopefully be a long warm summer.

The long winter nights have also given me a bit of extra time and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again.  Obviously, buying a classic car is no small investment and it is important to feel comfortable with your supplier.   I have to say that throughout the process of purchasing the Austin Healey you were incredibly helpful and accommodating; even to the point where you opened up your premises late one bank holiday Sunday evening and allowed me to view and test drive the car.

The car was thoroughly checked over and was impeccably clean when I collected it.  You are clearly a classic car enthusiast and it would seem that cars are a large part of your life and not just a business.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you and Shmoo Automotive to any prospective buyer.

Best Regards,  Terry.


Back after 5yrs for another one….

Joe Szabo
Back after 5yrs for another one….

Your life is ”easy” when you’ve found your dream car among Ed’s car collection!

We bought 2 vehicles from Ed. First time, 5yrs ago a beautiful Audi A8 (V8) and recently a BMW 520d M Sport Touring.  So we’ve got great experience with ’’Shmoo Automotive’’ and I can say honestly… this dealer is really outstanding!

To buy a car from far distance, that was our biggest issue for the very first time, because we are living 460 miles away from Leicester. (Aberdeen) So before we met Ed, we were excited and slightly nervous as we ask ourselves, “how can we manage the whole process (paperwork, payment etc.)” But…

Our experience: from the very first email we sent – to the day of car collection – all was fantastic!   Things where absolutely smooth, easy and perfect, No hassle,  No delay,  No unexpected things at all.   We are delighted with the exceptional customer service and we are happy to recommend Shmoo Automotive and Ed’s services to everybody.

About the cars:

Both car was fully polished, valeted, serviced and checked. Ed even showed me all noticeable minor stone chips on the bodywork and made sure we were happy.   All the important things about services and so on.  I have been informed and advised how to drive the car to get the best from it and a great attention to detail.

So, after all: We’ve collected both cars in an immaculate showroom condition – just like a new car from showroom.   We used the A8 for many many happy miles without any problem until an accident made the car a Total-Loss, so we of course knew we would ask Ed to look for our next car.    The BMW just started her life with us, but the first 5 weeks experience is lovely. The car is silky smooth to drive and perfect and we got another real gem of a car.

Dear Ed, Thanks for all your great service and – it’s for sure – we’ll see you again when we need to get a great new car! 🙂

Kind regards Joe Szabo

Alfa GTAm Replica – Sad day for us, but Andy’s over the moon!

Andy Harrison
Up North
Alfa GTAm Replica – Sad day for us, but Andy’s over the moon!

Thank you for the Alfa GTAm that I purchased from yourself.  When the car was delivered it looked superb in every way.  I wanted a GTAm for many years and finally the dream came true, and it was made even better in the professional way I was dealt with by yourself.  I wouldn’t hesitate to do business again with you and your company Ed.

Thanks again Ed.

Andy Harrison

Purple just makes you happy….

Keith Moore
Purple just makes you happy….

TVR Tuscan 4.0 Speed Six

After seeing the late Gerry Marshall driving a TVR Griffith back in the 1960s at Brands Hatch I thought one day I  must have one. I was further inspired to own a TVR when the new Tuscan was tested on Top Gear shortly after it was launched. With it’s fantastic looks, performance and price how could I live without one?

It’s been a very long wait but at the end of December I became the proud owner of a low mileage late 2004 Tuscan, exactly what I was looking for.

I spent a lot of time on the Internet and talking with TVR specialists researching the Tuscan and  finally decided to go for it! I developed a short-list of cars I thought would be worth looking at and planned a five day viewing tour of the UK with my wife, obviously needing her opinion and support. I looked at nine Tuscans and I have to say I was disappointed, that was until I arrived at Shmoo Automotive Limited and spoke to Ross.

We had exchanged a few emails and phone calls beforehand but I never expected such a welcome and hospitality when we arrived (I had both my wife and a good friend with me). We  started with coffee in the farmhouse while Ross explained how Shmoo operated and we debated the potential experience of living with a Tuscan warts and all. I was impressed with the honesty. Ross then took me to see the Tuscans he had for sale while his family entertained the ladies offering more coffee and biscuits.

There were a good sample of Tuscans to look at, unusual to see so many under one roof, and it did not take long to choose the one that was right for me.  Ross suggested a number of buying options and we quickly agreed a deal that I believe was a very good deal indeed.

I have lived with my Tuscan for two months now and I am delighted with it.

If I ever decide to buy another TVR or similar car Shmoo Automotive will definitely be my first port of call.

Yellow, but not mellow..with this 4.3 Monster!

Newport - South Wales
TVR T350c 4.3 Testimonial Yellow, but not mellow..with this 4.3 Monster!

I have just bought my Midas Pearl T350c 4.3 from Shmoo Automotive Ltd.

I had been looking for several weeks for the “right one”……then this came up for sale, it was the right colour and had the important engine rebuild.  Talking to Ed he gave me all the history and lots of detailed photographs of before and after preparation.

Seeing it in the flesh it was as good as, and even better than Ed had described and within 15 minutes of seeing it I had bought the car.  I didn’t even test drive it as I didn’t want to get it dirty!

It was great dealing with Ed,  a car enthusiast with a real passion for cars and people.   I would have no hesitation in recommending Ed to anyone who is in the market for a TVR, or any vehicle.  His attention to detail and honest description was spot on.

Many Thanks

Paul Lewis

Newport, South Wales


Tim is going through a Purple patch……

TVR Chimaera 500 Testimonial Tim is going through a Purple patch……

Dear Potential buyer..

I had been looking for a TVR for a while, as a fun investment for the family.

I was torn between a Cerb and Chim and had seen some private cars but didn’t want to take the risk on unknown chassis or engines.

Ed had a fine looking Chim on his website, after seeing so many sub par examples in my local area I thought it worth the 5 hour round trip.

The Chim was much better than described, to my eyes pretty much perfect. The condition combined with the work done prior to sale it made me confident this was the right car for me.  The test drive confirmed that all was well – I found the whole experience very easy and enjoyable.

Ed knows his stuff and didn’t rush, giving me time to look over the history and ask questions. The vehicle was delivered which saved a lot of time and hassle. The price was keen and the after sales support very good – even advising me to take it easy on the first run out…. I am used to powerful rear wheel drive cars but this was another level.  Very happy with my Chimaera and the whole experience buying with Ed at Shmoo Automotive.

‘Tim from Essex.’

Airhead to Avid Collector…

Neil Armstrong
BMW R100 RS Cafe Racer Airhead to Avid Collector…

I contacted Shmoo after seeing a very pretty and interesting BMW R100RS motorbike. The moment I started the initial conversation it was clear that Ed was a likeminded petrolhead . His passion and breadth of knowledge was a breath of fresh air in a market that seems to care more about selling something to a customer rather than engaging and understanding what is right for the customer.

Safe to say I bought the BMW and the aftercare and genuine desire to make sure that everything was right for me makes it a no brainer to use Ed again for more interesting toys.

Range Rover Sport SOR Sale…

Andy Redman
Range Rover Sport SOR Sale…

When I needed to sell my Range Rover Sport I thought I could do it privately, but after speaking with Ed and understanding the private market more it was clear it would be best for me to use Ed in the sale of my car, his honest approach towards the procedure and timely manner that the process was carried in out made my life so much easier.

Having someone that understands the market place is a bonus, honesty is most certainly the best policy in this situation and that is what Ed offered.

If you need a specific car or you need to sell your car, I would highly recommend shmoo automotive.

TVR Tuscan….bought sight unseen!

Paul Marshall
3.6 Tuscan TVR Tuscan….bought sight unseen!

I bought my Tuscan from shmoo in 2014.  Living in Norwich I hadn’t seen the car prior to picking it up, but Ross had given me a virtual tour of the car, sharing tons of detailed photos via the website so I’d seen every inch of it. Over the past year I have had 7000 miles of trouble free driving, with the Tuscan being everything Ross said it would be.  This is obviously a business, but its clearly a passion too. I have no doubt I’ll be back for a Cerbera, the question is when…..

 Tuscan 3.6 Mk 1. GTS Blue. 2003.

TVR Tuscan 2 S…..a Ferrari 360…and my Van!

Jason Leonard
Combe Martin
TVR Tuscan 2 S TVR Tuscan 2 S…..a Ferrari 360…and my Van!

Working with Ross and Ed to find my perfect 360 was a fun experience in itself. They not only bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but also humour, and just made the whole experience a fun thing, as opposed to the stress filled, long drawn out process I was expecting. They both share my level of expectations for a car, and rarely do you find a dealer that makes the customer feel as welcome, and part of the process as they did. Nothing was too much trouble. That’s exactly why I used them again for my Tuscan. The knowledge of Phil, the mechanic also helped me a great deal when purchasing the Tuscan, as I had read many horror stories about the Speed Six engine. Ed even managed to find me a van for work, not quite as immaculate as the 360 I must ad……..! 🙂

Porsche 996 Turbo

Mark Webber
marks turbo Porsche 996 Turbo

I bought this car unseen, so trust was a big issue. So many dealers I’ve dealt with describe cars as being immaculate, only for when you arrive, you find what is seemingly a different car to the one described over the phone. This was not the case with Shmoo. if anything they were over critical with my Porsche, it truly was immaculate and as described. Would certainly recommend Shmoo to anyone.

Supercar Sourcing!!

Jason Gibson
Supercar Sourcing!!

“Both Ross and Ed have been a pleasure to deal with during the whole sourcing and buying of my Ferrari. They manage to combine professionalism with friendliness that even to a demanding buyer such as myself is refreshingly surprising. I’m looking forward to working with them again to source and add cars to my collection.”

Quick sale

Steve Richards
Alvis TD21 1963 Quick sale

Shmoo automotive provided a very professional service in a friendly manner.  Ed knows his market and as a result my car sold quickly and for a good price.  Highly recommended.

Bought my car & bike..!

Graham Leacy
Bought my car & bike..!

From the initial contact through to shmoo automotive buying not only my vintage car but also my seldom used motorcycle, every detail in every way was covered in the most professional and friendly manner.  Many thanks.

550bhp Porsche Turbo…Arabian Stallion!

Mark McLaughlin
550bhp Porsche Turbo…Arabian Stallion!

Shmoo Automotive are one of the few places I trust when it comes to cars, I am lucky enough to have found a mechanic whom I trust without question and now I have an ‘ Ed’. Descriptions are honest and even points out things that I missed!  After buying several cars from shmoo over the last year – including a 550bhp Porsche Turbo, a Range Rover and an Audi R8 I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. He is that good he even talked himself out of a sale telling me (as he knows me) that I would not like the gearbox on a Ferrari!!!  

How many car sales people do you know that would do that?  Once you have bought a car from Ed you will be back again and again, for everything from the daughters Corsa to the dream car you’ve always wanted.

TVR Tuscan all the way to Turin!

Torino, Italy
X Tuscan Atlantis Halcy TVR Tuscan all the way to Turin!

I’m Italian and I live in Italy, but I love British cars. Some years ago I was looking for a TVR Tuscan and, after some month of search, I have found the right car at shmooautomotive. When I collected  the car it was better than in the pictures!!! And then immediately I drive the car from Leicestershire to Turin on the road for two days –  with my new TVR.  It was a great day for me.

After my TVR I have bought a Golf GTI Dsg, for every day use, than a BMW M3 convertible and then another TVR, a Griffith 500. All this cars were absolutely perfect for me and I have always been very happy.
I have bought all this car without seeing it before… only in beautiful HD pictures on Ed’s web site.
And only because I trust in Ed, in his expertise and sincerity.

I don’t generally like car dealers. (Neither does Ed!) Ed isn’t a dealer, Ed is an enthusiastic like me…
Sometimes I ask myself if he does this job to have a profit or only because he has an enormous love for every kind of cars….
After some year and some cars, me and Ed are good friends. We have also spent a beautiful Italian holiday, speaking about sports and classic cars, in front a glass of good wine and a spaghetti dish.
I can recommend to all my Italian (and not only Italian) friends to buy a car from shmooautomotive and Ed without any hesitation

Here the italian version:

“Sono italiano e vivo in Italia, ma amo le auto inglesi. Alcuni anni fa stavo cercando una TVR Tuscan e, dopo alcuni mesi di ricerca, ho trovato l’auto giusto alla shmooautomotive.

Quando ho ritirato la macchina l’ho trovata meglio di quanto apparisse nelle foto !!! E poi mi sono messo subito alla guida da Leicestershire a Torino, due giorni sulla strada con la mia nuova TVR. E’ stato un giorno da ricordare. 

Dopo la TVR ho comprato una Golf GTI Dsg, per uso quotidiano, e poi una BMW M3 convertibile, e poi ancora una TVR Griffith 500. Tutte molto belle e in tutti i casi sono stato felicissimo dell’acquisto. Le ho comprate senza vederle dal vivo, ma solamente nelle foto presenti sul sito web. 

D’altra parte mi fido di Ed, della sua esperienza e della sua onestà.  

Generalmente non amo i rivenditori di auto (nemmeno Ed penso che li ami). Ma Ed non è un commerciante, penso sia un grande appassionato come me… 

Ogni tanto mi chiedo se lui faccia questo lavoro per guadagnare oppure solamente per il grande amore che ha per ogni tipo di veicolo. 

Dopo alcuni anni e diverse auto, Io e Ed siamo diventati ottimi amici. Abbiamo trascorso insieme una vacanza in Italia, e ci siamo ritrovati a parlare di auto sportive e classiche, davanti ad un buon bicchiere di vino ed un piatto di spaghetti. 

Posso tranquillamente raccomandare a tutti i miei amici Italiani (e non solo) di acquistare tranquillamente un’auto da Ed e dalla shmooautomotive”

Lotus Purchase

Mick Oliver
Lotus Purchase

I’ve dealt with Ed at Shmoo Automotive a couple of times in the last year, both in buying and selling cars. Ed has always been quick to respond to questions, clear about how he does business and at all times a complete pleasure to deal with. I would recommend him to anyone thinking of buying the kind of vehicles that he specialises in.

1962 VW Type 3….all the way to Aussie Land!

Clint Millar,
SQback1 1962 VW Type 3….all the way to Aussie Land!

I bought my first ever car sight unseen from Ed at Shmoo Automotive Ltd back in 2009. I live in Australia, so to do such a transaction was a little daunting when the car was in the UK. Ed made it all go very smoothly though which was a welcome relief. When I first laid my eyes on my 1962 VW Type 3 Squareback, I was beyond impressed. It was exactly as described, if not even better. I would totally recommend Ed for anyone looking for a great car & a smooth honest transaction from start to finish.